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    Zzyzx1234 reacted to raiwa in Discount Code BS   
    It should, but I don't remember having it tried. Just try, installation is easy and fast.
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    Great, i'll give it a try.
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    Zzyzx1234 reacted to burt in CE-Phoenix v1.0.3.0   
    This release introduces a number of key improvements:
    the foundations of a bootstrapped admin (more to follow...) revamped categories/products page in admin with product tabs and pre-placed hooks much improved checkout pages layout with pre-placed hooks modernisation of Reviews system new Password Forgotten module flags for inactive modules in admin removal of deprecated code, redundant pages, functions and features bug fixes and other minor code improvements LEANER.  SIMPLER.  FASTER.
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    Zzyzx1234 reacted to Jack_mcs in Google XML Sitemap SEO   
    Try this, after adjusting the locations to fit your server:
    cd /home/***/public_html/googlesitemap/; /usr/local/bin/php -c /home/***/public_html/php.ini -q /home/***/public_html/googlesitemap/index.php If that doesn't work, ask your host to let you know what the cron error is. Or change the email address in cron to a working one, assuming it isn't already set that way, and see what the email says.
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    Zzyzx1234 got a reaction from altoid in My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts   
    We get the item hasn't arrived a little more often than we should, thankfully most of our items have some form of tracking
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    Zzyzx1234 reacted to Harald Ponce de Leon in Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup   
    The next update will be pushed out this month and takes care of that 👍