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  1. Looks good, we do appreciate the work that you are doing to move osc forward. The scrolling banner is interesting
  2. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    So glad to hear HPDL will be returning soon.
  3. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    Worst case, the CE version could be used as a base of a new ecommerce system. But that is worst case and I doubt HPDL will be gone that long.
  4. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    This type of idea but could it be integrated with the app market. Was thinking there could be a requested app section where users can donate to the development of the app then when there is enough money a programmer can take on the request and receive payment once it is complete.
  5. Looks good. Dumping Cookies would be a great thing. Would be nice to remove the pop-up accept Cookie thing.
  6. This is a side note and not an issue but when using sort by Price/Product name should it take you back to page 1 like it does when filtering manufacturers
  7. Thats ok then. Do you have a Category with more than 9 products to see how it reacts with more than 1 page?
  8. Sorting by either manufacturers or by the price/product name briefly shows list view.
  9. Shop redirect, htaccess

    It caused to many redirects when put to port 443, probably a conflict somewhere. Might be worth speaking with your host and see if they can work out why.
  10. Shop redirect, htaccess

    Hi, Just wanted to double check, "RewriteRule ^index\.php$ https://www.martinberrillsportscom/ [R=301,L]" is missing the "." before the com. The server port might be wrong think it might need to be 443.
  11. Shop redirect, htaccess

    Did you put RewriteEngine On before it?
  12. updated certificates

    Just doing some research and it seem like a lot of people are having the same issue and all started on the 30th. Here is a link to the authorize.net community forum about the issue and a potential fix. https://community.developer.authorize.net/t5/Integration-and-Testing/Cert-pem-expired-Why-Why-Why/td-p/62877 We don't use authorize.net so i looked in to the file system and I think the cert is saved in this folder (I could be wrong) \ext\modules\payment\authorizenet. (Always backup before changing anything).
  13. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    We use WorldPay, it wasn't to difficult to setup and people seem to prefer it, getting less abandoned carts. Have you double checked the PayPal configuration against the instructions in case there is something wrong.
  14. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    Which version of oscommerce are you running?
  15. I'm happy to help test, would be good to get osc2.4 released. Will download and install the beta this week so I can become acquainted with it.