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  1. I was able to install the Paypal App in my original OsCommerce - I forgot I changed the name of the admin directory. The changes in the legacy section don't seem to be needed for my purposes. Finally the orignial problem of the "could not verify.." is solved. I will decide later which version to use.
  2. I got the Paypal app to work in the Edge version, but since I had the store all set up in the previous version I had I tried to install the app there. The first version I installed is OsCommerce v2.3.4.1 Full Package, downloaded from the main site. The instructions for the legacy changes for the app do not correspond to the actual directory structure (there is no catalog directory before uploading the Paypal app files and files are just in different places). Anyway the app does not appear. Is the Paypal app supposed to work with this version, and if so, how should it be installed?
  3. Dan: Sorry, my OSC version is (don't know where I got the idea it was 3.0). Should I install the Paypal App manually? - I thought it had been bundled.
  4. I have just set up a site with OSC (3.0) and am trying to get Paypal Standard to work. Payment is successful but I get "oscommerce could not verify the paypal transaction. please try again" on return. The Documentation says "It is recommended to enter the API Credentials or enable Payment Data Transfer (PDT) in your PayPal account settings to ensure transactions can be verified after payments have been made." I set this up in Paypal and got a token but I do not see anywhere in the Paypal module parameters to enter this. I removed the module and reinstalled it but that was no help. How do I use PDT for the Paypal Standard? I need credit card sales, so apparently can't use Paypal Express.