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    phpBB2 Implementation Contribtion

    Hello, i have the following Problems with this Contribution: And sometimes i have trouble with double Sission-ID?s. How to fix this Problem? THX
  2. Ahler

    phpBB2 Implementation

    No1 here who can help me with this Problem?
  3. Hello, i have some Problems with this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ll/search,phpbb When i went into the board i have this error: Also sometimes i have a problem with the session, the system get into trouble by doublicate Session-ID?s. But i don?t know why. It will just work when i delete the mentioned Session-ID in SQL-Table. What is to do to fix these Problems? THX
  4. Hello, i have trouble with this Contribution to add CM-Sites to my osc-System. The contribution is listet here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,all/search,cms I have installed this contribution and i am able to create new CM-Sites, but i cant edit existing sites. When i klick on an existing site the Mask is is empty, so i cant edit the Content. The next Problem is, that i can?t delete CM-Sites because what you cant edit you cant delete. Any Answers? THX
  5. Hello, i got a problem with the CMSv01.b contribution. At first, all looks ok, i can see the box on the left side in the catalog section and i got a part in my admin section "C M S". But when i klick on one contentside listet below the entry "C M S" on the left side, nothing i cant see the content-text to edit in middle. How can i fix this Problem? The content-text is well to see in catalogue-section for customers. Also i can?t create some new contentsides! Oh, i have to tell you, that i have the adminsection not in the /admin folder, it is still in the /shopadmin folder, because i need the /admin folder to get access to my webserverplace. THX
  6. Ahler

    Firstgate "Click & Buy"

    Hello, is some1 here in the forum who can make a simple payment-modul for the services from FIRSTgate "click & buy"? Here are the restrictions for a php from FIRSTgate: <? /************************************* ***** Transaction Script Example ***** *************************************/ //Init Products $products = Array("product1" => 29.90,"product2" => 39.90); //Init Header and GET Variables $fg_linknr = $_SERVER["HTTP_X_CONTENTID"]; //Premium Link Number $fg_price = $_SERVER["HTTP_X_PRICE"]; //Millicents ! $fg_uid = $_SERVER["HTTP_X_USERID"]; //Firstgate Customer Reference Number $my_productid = $_GET["productid"]; //Your own GET Parameter $my_price = $_GET["price"]; //Your own GET Parameter $my_uid = $_GET["uid"]; //Your own GET Parameter $result = true; //Check UserID if(empty($fg_uid) || is_nan($fg_uid)) { $result = false; } //Check Firstgate Price if(empty($fg_price) || is_nan($fg_price)) { $result = false; } //Check My Price if(($fg_price / 1000) != $my_price) { $result = false; } //Check Product-Price Matching if($products[$my_productid] != $my_price) { $result = false; } //Create new Record in Database $sql = "INSERT INTO transactions (uid,fg_uid,date_time,product_id,link_nr) "; $sql .= "VALUES "; $sql .= "('$my_uid','$fg_uid','".date("Y-m-d H:i:s")."','$my_productid','$fg_linknr')"; if(!$query = @mysql_query($sql,$connection)) { $result = false; } //Send mail ? if(!@mail("someone@somewhere.com","Transaction Message","Some text here...","mailer@yourdomain.com")) { $result = false; } if($result) { header("Location: http://www.somewhere.com/firstgate/thanks....meters="); } else header("Location: http://www.somewhere.com/firstgate/sorry.p...meters="); ?> GET- and POST-Parameters could be the folowings: (case-sensitiv)! Company FirstName LastName Street ZIP Email City Phone Fax DateOfBirth Gender = (m|w) Here comes a textfile which was translated by googel from germany to english! Sorry! ShortDOKU TRANSACTIONS you communicate the URL to us on a Buchungsscript with you. We replace this Orginallink in our system by a Premium left of the following form: < http://premium-link.net/$5444554446...#036;/Script.pl > (or asp, or php or.....) Premium left you would have to exchange these for their Orginal Script left. On it do you hang then all parameters by GET on (e.g. email, username, user ID? and the blanks as %20) parameters, which we need compellingly, are the following: price=<euro, > (ONLY WITH DYNAMIC PRICES) success=<success URL, HTTP cent>oder<cent:/.....> error=<error URL, HTTP://....> The parameter ' price ' is picked out by us with the call and indicated to the surfer for account. The parameter ' success ' is picked out by us and in case of success redirecten we on this URL. The parameter ' error ' is picked out by us and in case of non--success redirecten we on this URL. The success and error URL must be public. In the ideal case the Success URL is a thank side, which reports success to the surfer. Now to the tasks of your SCRIPT: (script area may be callable only over our IP) the surfer registered with us, is noticeable we to him the price from the Premium URL. The surfer clicks to the accept Button in the paying side with us. Thereupon we call your Script on with all parameters, which attached you at the Premium left (GET). z. B: http://premium-link.net/$5444554446....00&request=ok& user ID = 0000001&Endkunden-ID=0000001 your Script booked now the amount and other parameters, with which we called the Script. The Script picks from the header the roofridge gates inserting sides the customer reference number out surfer. With cancellations one can manufacture so the alignment to your Datenbankk. With php one can pick the customer reference number out in such a way: <?PHP// output the crypted userid $$userid = getenv("HTTP_X_USERID"); echo $$userid; > Their Script should examine, checken the price whether the surfer changed the price in the URL. If now the price were manipulated answers your Script with ERROR (see below, ' no success ') gives it two possibilities: 1) the reservation could not be implemented by your Script 2) the reservation by your Script successfully implemented 1) no success the Script answers with ERROR in the content as text/plain or text/cHtml. Thereupon redirecten we to the error URL, which transferred you to us in the parameter ' error '. No account is produced!!! 2) success the Script answers text/cHtml with OK ONE in the content as text/plain or. Thereupon redirecten we to the Success URL, which transferred you to us in the parameter ' success '. NOW THE ACCOUNT TAKES PLACE. -- of the surfer accepts the payment, then we call your Script. Only if we receive the OK of the Script, the account takes place. This way one saves unnecessary cancellations, if the reservation is not successful I hope, some1 can code a paymentmodul for FIRSTgate "click & buy" with this informations! Thx Ahler
  7. Hello, i have installed the Attribute Manager v4b and now i have following problem. When i go to the Adminplanel and click on "*Attribute Manager" i can see this: EDIT ATRRIBUTES Please select a product to edit my Choice (Nothing to see) EDIT (Button) What shall i edit when nothing is there? Under the Menue ?Products Attributes? ih have an attribute class?Size?. But i can?t see it in ?*Attribute Manager?! WHY? When i click on "EDIT" i see this: Edit Attributes -> Something isn't right.... ?Save? or ?Cancel? Also, when i will edit an poruct i can see the Button "Edit Attributes" but i get the same Errormessage. "Something...." What could be wrong? In my shopsystem i have only one Language (German) Maybe that the Error is in the ?new_attributes_config.php?, it looks like this: // Change to your default language ID if it differs. $languageFilter = "2"; // If you have Options Type Feature ver. 2.02.MS1 by countezero installed - make this = "1" $optionTypeInstalled = "0"; // If you have "Attributes Sorter & Copier v5.1 with weight" // by Linda McGrath installed - make this = "1" $optionSortCopyInstalled = "0"; // If you have Option Type Feature v-1.4 by Chandra Roukema installed - make this = "1" $optionTypeTextInstalled = "0"; // If you have Option Type Feature v-1.4 by Chandra Roukema installed - set this to your // PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUE_TEXT_ID value ( usually "0" ) $optionTypeTextInstalledID = "0"; I have no other contributions installed. plz help. THX