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  1. letsbuygold

    New Installation

    I am currently using version 1.280 ! Yes I know it is old 2003 ! I have created a sub domain in my hosting and i have installed version I wouldn't say i am a developer but i am seeing how far i can get without calling one in ! Do i need to create a new database ? Its asking for Database server, username and password and database name. so could someone spoon feed me and just tell me if i need to create a new database or should i enter my current database that is attached to my main domain ? This is probably really simple so hope someone can help ! Thanks
  2. Hi I have an old website built in 2003/2004 using oscommerce version 1.280 Is it possible to upgrade to the new version of oscommerce ? What should i expect to pay a developer to do the upgrade. I have been told it is not cost effective i.e. it would cost thousands to do and therefore it would be cheaper to build a new site and to consider a different platform. What are peoples thoughts on this ? my website is www.letsbuygold.com I also don't want to lose my SEO so i was thinking about cart2cart to transfer over data but if i upgrade will this need doing still ? I would welcome any suggestions ! Thanks Louis