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  1. OK I am back and this time it is not my fault (I believe): Under Header Tags, I have no "SEO - Pages" module - neither installed, nor available to install. Nor does it seem to be on the Add-Ons pages. I will carry on with things minus that option for now until I see a response here. EDIT: OK, clicking "Install Sample Menu" causes the Store that the public would visit to go 100% blank upon loading. I've gone to "Uninstall" in Surfalot CMS->Utilities and that fixed it for now. I am not doing ANYTHING else until I get some advice. Of course the question is: Is this supposed to be able to work with the stock released that everyone would have available on cPanel through their hosting providers. Thanks and awaiting news.....
  2. I seem to have an issue. I followed the instructions complete - using Beyond Compare for the very few required modifications. I got to the step to "List all" and click "Configure". Now I have the top portion displaying in admin - with nothing else but a blank screen. My main shop is completely blank. No logo, no text - nothing. I have installed no other layout modifications, and have done no customizations besides the store name and logo. Other than that, I have only loaded all the products from .csv so reinstalling isn't an option for me as I have over 3000 items. I am using osCommerce as supplied through cPanel. Not the Gold or Edge releases. ======================== It was completely my fault. I missed the mod to admin/includes/application_top.php and the upload of hooks.php Sorry.