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  1. tornrawks

    Paypal Issue Could not verify the PayPal transaction

    Suddenly I can't edit a post anymore....weird. Further to the above message - I am using the Points and Rewards. I cannot test a live transaction since Paypal decided to put my personal account through a security review because I was trying to order Christmas items on ebay - and there were 3 different currencies so they flagged me. On a side note, they gave me a $10 "credit" to use - although it'll expire before they allow any transactions. That aside....I did confirm with them my Business Account and Sandbox accounts are not affected by this. I will post my checkout_process.php to this as well in case that is the issue. Here's what happens: 1. add items to cart 2. checkout (paypal sandbox) 3. Paypal reports success 4. Paypal APP log shows transaction and IPN received (I DO NOT use nor have I setup IPN in either the sandbox or live paypal accounts) --> PDT is configured and the return URL is set. This appears to work properly and at least returns properly. 5. Status shows Paypal [Transaction] in orders - it is never confirmed. 6. Order confirmation email IS sent out. Order in admin should show completion and does not (Admin->Orders->Orders) 7. Attempting to view transaction history in Paypal sandbox account: no activity I am beyond confused and lost. checkout_process.php
  2. tornrawks

    Paypal Issue Could not verify the PayPal transaction

    Similar here...and order in "pending" - never registers that payment was successful etc. (Sandbox mode at moment) Also trying to view order fails...invalid transaction ID or something along those lines.
  3. tornrawks

    Modular Shopping Cart

    Maybe I've missed something...it has most certainly happened before. @raiwa I have a bunch of addons you have either created or updated - and they are great and your work is much appreciated! This one seems to have me stumped...maybe it's supposed to be this way but it doesn't make sense to me. When you are at the cart (shopping_cart.php)...the estimated shipping and order-totals works perfect. Now here is where I am confused - when you click the "Checkout" button it wants to go to "checkout_shipping.php" instead of "checkout_payment". At this point, we have the products, shipping address, shipping quote, and order-total. Why is mine not skipping directly to choosing a payment method - it is redundant to take the customer to the shipping page. If it's my fault - don't be afraid to bash me for it :) (Just help me solve it first lol). Take care and thank you again for another great contrib!
  4. I overlooked that as being the cause since another "longer" message did exist. Yes, it was the short message that caused it to halt. Thanks, that had me chasing my tail for 2 days.
  5. Just two at the moment...one is longer - has to scroll the view full content. Second one is one sentence. This is the one it halts on. I got kind of busy so I haven't been able to do much since with it.
  6. Just checked (phpmyadmin) and there is nothing but the 2 items I've added for testing. I didn't mention before should it matter...I'm using BS Edge, I believe it is the September master release.
  7. It seems to work as expected with one exception. It just stops scrolling after the final item even when infiniteLoop: true has been defined (directly in the .js file, also in the function). Anyone still use this and have a solution?
  8. Alright. I over-complicated it all obviously. Thanks for the link. All I had to do was define .table-striped { background-color: white; } is user.css - I don't see anywhere else on the site where this causes an issue...yet at least. Solved. Thanks again :)
  9. It's not that I mind the hover...I'm trying to set the background (not being hovered) to a constant value for ALL shipping methods.....then I need to set the hover color to be a variation. I just can't get the tags right for the user.css for this purpose. Doing it without any core changes is also a goal.
  10. I was going to start a new thread, but thought this was a better place as it is already dealing with the CSS over-rides we can do with user.css I've got most of the changes I think I want/need. There is one I really cannot figure out....I am hoping someone much more knowledgeable can jump in and help me. It is in the shipping selection....specifically the table-striped / and table-hover area. Due to my background image, I don't want the alternating shipping choices to have the transparent/clear background. I want them all to have the white background. The "clear" ones turn that way on mouse-over/hover but I can't figure out what to put in my user.css as I can't pinpoint the hover/non-hover background color part that I need. Thank you!
  11. Not sure where to post this otherwise. When registering for their API ... they have a very recently released PDF with API changes (and notes about the upcoming price increase which I saw in another thread I've lost track of). I'll attach the file but here is also the link: https://www.usps.com/business/web-tools-apis/2018-jan-release-notes.pdf 2018-jan-release-notes.pdf
  12. Alright thank you. That is the one I grabbed before having second thoughts :) Now I can proceed. Thanks again.
  13. I thought I had the answer - use the USPS Rate V4 Intl. Rate ...... Maybe I've read *too* much and confused myself. Either way, I am at the point I need to simply ask - Which USPS add-on to use to get rates with BS Edge??? They all seem so very out of date which really surprised me. Thanks in advance for help/advice :) This should still be a cakewalk compared to dealing with UPS to get an access key etc. Being a Canadian shipping from the US seems to be a strange concept to them. I am crossing my fingers that the USPS setup won't be such a hassle.
  14. tornrawks

    Index page Slideshow

    I am using "Banner Rotator Content Module v1.0.2" and it is great. Requirements: osCommerce Bootstrap Edge version AND Modular Frontpage Contribution Hope that helps....
  15. Greetings, I noticed this topic had "come back to life" and think it's a great looking contrib. I wonder if there's enough interest, and someone capable - surely I am not - to get a version of this working (with the proper "new" module rules eliminating most of the "search for this and replace with that") for BS Edge? The advantage also...it would be halfway ready for 2.4 when it is finished beta (which I play with on a subdomain and am *really* excited about - it's like Bootstrap Edge for newbies lol). Cheers!