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  1. taneres

    Current AUctions V2.0

    Does this list just auctin listings or does it also include store listings? I would like to see a demo. Does anybody else have this up on their site? Thanks, Serena
  2. Can somebody tell me the difference between these two contributions? I would love to see examples of each on a live site! I have installed Master Products v1.4.2, but would like to be able to have a quantity box included with the slaves. Something where the customer can enter a quantity for each slave and then hit add to cart. (The master product does not need to be purchaseable.) Can this be done with MS2. I have tried sifting throught the 97 pages in that thread and am feeling lost. I would like to know for sure what the difference is between these two contributions before I proceed with losing the MP v1.4.2 by Galen and installing MS2. Or is somebody willing to work on an add-on for MP by Galen that will include the quantity boxes. Galen alludes to being able to do it, but I am not familiar enough with PHP to even attempt that. Thanks in advance, Serena