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  1. SQL to set all products priced over $xxxx.xx to inactive? BS Gold
  2. Big Bear

    Custom HTML box?

    These days it should be more like "Powered by Burt & A Few Others"
  3. Big Bear

    os crashed when switched to https

    Did you change both configure.php files to reflect the https? You may also want to have the .htaccess file send all requests to https.
  4. Big Bear

    I'm not get help my problem?

    "I'm not get help my problem?" hmm logo answered here. But I will add that I think some versions required the image to be named store_logo.png stylesheet.css OR user.css is in ANSWERED IN OTHER THREAD
  5. Big Bear

    Three Frozen issues need to be thawed

    What a silly idea... It be bed time but had to play: Thumbnail Layout 15555 - maximum of 21 thumbnails per product. It messes up the thumb layout so will have to research it. Thanks for that. For the box problem, I uninstalled the ones that were preloaded and voila all of them showed up where they belong. IDK, smacks head on desk.
  6. 1) So I'm having a play with the iceberg and fresh out of it's pretty wrapping paper, the gallery is displaying only 10 thumb images while there is 16. I looked for some new setting but none found. 2) admin/modules/boxes/ + Install Module (14) available, install page has 0. Where is the call I need to look at? 3) I have products with long descriptions and some have a box with a note at the bottom. The box is sitting right on top of the footer, how do I add some space? I already fixed the "bugs" from the insect thread. Thanks!
  7. Big Bear

    Product image upside down

    You are wasting your time with an outdated unresponsive site. I gave you the github link in another post for the FROZEN version. If you are uploading images from a cell phone, that is your image problem and you will need to google - Why are my phone images rotating when i upload them? PM coming your way.
  8. Big Bear

    Product image upside down

    What device are you using to work on your site?
  9. Big Bear

    Nerw product upload problem

    Main image = 1st browse button. This adds an image that shows on the product listing, new products etc. pages. If it is the only image you have it will also show on the product info page. If you have multiple images and you want that same image to show on the product page, click Add Large Image and a box will appear where you also click the browse button to add it. You do that for each image you want to add. The HTML box is there so that you can add videos etc. The video itself will need to be uploaded via FTP. You will need to click Browse to add a cover image for the video. The URL is usually used for the manufacturers page if you want it. When you Click edit you should be going to the "New Product in..." page if you chose a product to edit or to " Edit Category " (opens on same page next to your cats) if you chose to edit the category. You can also delete an existing product on the same page you click EDIT on.
  10. Big Bear

    Need Help

    Where did you download it from, this site or github? If from this site STOP it is outdated. Get it from github. HERE. Language files are found in catalog/includes/languages/insert your lang here & catalog/includes/languages/insert your lang here/modules For products- admin/catalog/categories-products
  11. Big Bear

    OSC Error Handler

    I can't blame the site this time. It was a joint effort of edit pad and I causing a character set mismatch. All better now. Sorry for bothering you. Actually, I can never blame the site as I am the one that butchered it.
  12. Big Bear

    OSC Error Handler

    Same errors with exit
  13. Big Bear

    OSC Error Handler

    With the extra code added to includes/functions/database.php it works to the extent of reporting an error but it causes typeahead and show cart after add to cart to die. With it turned off the added code is still there causing MY site to get Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent Without the snippet added these things work. It's not the only addon that hasn't worked on my special ed site. Thanks for your time.