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  1. Big Bear

    Networking databases?

    From the DA's point of view, advertising unlimited anything and putting hidden limits on it's use may be construed as illegal activity, IDK With Linuxuk HTTP Error, search engines show in red and no ban button is available. It has an auto ban feature but I prefer to see what they were trying to do. I liked View counter, it just slowed down my admin to much. zoominfobot was nosing around yesterday. Added it to my bad bots list and banned those IP's
  2. Big Bear

    Networking databases?

    I have been caching since Chemo's days I will try the multi user code. I used View Counter in my last remodel before switching to BS, I modified Linuxuk HTTP Error to allow me to track everything and ban as needed, after the fact. Most attempts are to get into my blog. I am about done with this website stuff so I won't go looking for a new host. Over the past several years I have watched the traffic to my sites decrease and other venues increase. I believe the cause, at least in part, is that the mobile users don't surf as much as DT users do/did and mostly shop the profit eating sites. thanks all!
  3. Big Bear

    Networking databases?

    Allegedly, I have unlimited bandwidth and I don't mind paying for service that actually works with no hidden caveats. The trouble is they don't tell you up front what it really includes. I have unlimited data bases but I can only query each one 75K times an hour. I would rather have a few that keep going. I have looked into clouds but my head has been in them so long I just can't grasp it. Are you saying run my DB in the cloud? Would the site stay secure with an external db address?
  4. Big Bear

    Networking databases?

    When I went looking in the past, none disclosed the db hits alotted or if there was a limit at all. The hassle of switching at this point isn't worth it to me. I may end up with worse service
  5. Big Bear

    Networking databases?

    My problem, especially this time of year, is I reach the "max_questions" limit on my database which shuts down the site for an hour before resetting. Bonus, the message to the world is "user- 'dummy_pays_us_money_for_this_lack_of_service' has exceeded the resources for "max_questions" blablahblah" (not my real user name... yet, hmmm may replace _us_ with host company name) I have cloned a database and made new configuration files to quickly get the site back up but that only helps when I know there is a problem and it is a bit more work to update the spare db.. I can have unlimited databases with my hosting plan so I looked into networking them. My research shows it can be done with access to the environment, don't have that. If anyone has a solution to that it would be appreciated. Another solution I thought of would be to automatically switch the configuration file when approaching the limit. I know I can count the db page hits on a page load, so it must be possible to track all hits per hour. Maybe some if db_hitcounter='70000'( strftime() -* configuration_file=a) else configuration_file=b sort of thing. And it would need to be able to switch back. Suggestions?
  6. done with sql UPDATE products SET products_quantity = 50
  7. 2.3.4 bs gold I was just looking at my source code and noticed: "availability": "http://schema.org/OutOfStock", These are items that are marked In Stock but I don't enter quantities. If I need to change all quantities from 0 to 100, is there a quick way? Thanks
  8. Big Bear

    Text Slider

    Hi Jack, Thanks for all your contribs! Where is the link supposed to show and what might prevent it? 2.3.4 bs gold
  9. Big Bear

    2.3.4BS-G Blank Info and ISE product pages

    I finally found a debug script that would run and I found: My host changed the path to my root documents yet on multiple contacts with them they insisted they didn't change anything on their end. I appreciate everyone's feedback.
  10. Big Bear

    2.3.4BS-G Blank Info and ISE product pages

    Hmmm, was on apache last I checked now debian Can't get php to do anything source code is also a blank page
  11. Big Bear

    2.3.4BS-G Blank Info and ISE product pages

    I deleted the 2 products, descriptions, options etc and the new category. No luck there. I will restore my DB later and see what that does for me. Then load my backup files if the DB restore doesn't work.
  12. Big Bear

    2.3.4BS-G Blank Info and ISE product pages

    I did check the permissions and also checked the dates of when the files were last modified to make sure I hadn't been hacked. The only folder and files with a recent date were the images. The first product I added the new folder was created and .jfif images uploaded. No more after that. I always back up my DB before I start working on my shops so off to delete those products.
  13. Big Bear

    2.3.4BS-G Blank Info and ISE product pages

    I hadn't touched any BS files in months. regedit = registry editor on windows OS I recently allowed a windows 10 update on my laptop. Googled my .jfif delema and found this on CNET: JPEGs downloaded stored as JFIF by ptharago / June 26, 2017 11:12 AM PDT In reply to: JPEG to JFIF automatically! HELP! I discovered this happened as a result of the windows creator update. Every jpeg file identified by the browser as a jpeg when it is downloaded from the web is saved by windows 10 creator as a JFIF file which nearly nothing recognises. However I started a command window navigated to the offending files and using the ren command renamed the files to end with jpg and they now work correctly and will be opened by everything as normal. I t would be very easy to write a little batch file to do this for multiple files if the probel is a big issue. But who knows what Microsoft were dreaming about. I have tried 3 different browsers and behaviour is in all 3. Collapse - Answer Win10 Solution by Vic121 / August 21, 2017 5:57 PM PDT In reply to: JPEG to JFIF automatically! HELP! Open regedit Navigate to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT MIME DATABASE Content type image/jpeg change "extension" value to .jpg Close regedit, done.