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  1. Big Bear

    software issue

    Have you set up your tax rates & zones in admin/locations/taxes and set the drop down when adding product to Taxable Goods (if using EP you need a column "v_tax_class_title" filled with Taxable Goods). In admin/ Configuration/ Customer Details/ set State to true
  2. Big Bear

    Video questions 2.3.4BS Gold

    Ya know, now that you mention it, a long time back I think I had to set it to strip the tags as they were showing after editing info pages. I will look at pingendo, in the meantime I will have to remember to use A.A.S. to edit the description when needed. Many Thanks to both of you!
  3. Big Bear

    Video questions 2.3.4BS Gold

    I am editing the product not the snippet. I create a product , add images save. If I add the video at this point in HTML box it will not work. Edit to add snippet- Edit product, ckeditor now shows on New Product in " " page including the images, where I can now add the snippet to source. Save, video plays, all good. See mistake in description go back to edit save again video gone. I have to add the snippet back in for every edit. Data base shows snippet before editing product then shows what is left after edit, which is what I see in the HTML box. see pics I use muted to keep chrome happy though my videos are all silent to begin with. Just 360 views.
  4. 1- Most important: I put my snippet in the HTML "SOURCE" (have ckeditor installed) section, add an image with the button and save. All good, video works in popup. If I edit the product, the snippet goes on vacation and I have to re-add it. Is this normal or am I missing something? 2- I would like the main image on product_info to be an autoplay video when available. I have seen this done with no extra image, i.e. 360 or play button needed and with the extra image showing with the additional images but playing as the main. My G foo isn't working for this. Thanks
  5. Big Bear

    Offsite Product linking?

    If this is not resolved try: Open: includes/classes/currencies.php and find - function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) { return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity)); } Replace with: function display_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity = 1) { if ($products_price > 0.01) { return $this->format($this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity)); } else { return 'Buy on Amazon'; } It should replace the $0 price with "Buy on Amazon". You will still need a link to the product on amazon.
  6. Background: At this since 2004, all products have content, old products currently correct, products added to catalog recently are getting indexed with: "This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our website. Learn More. Got it! " Solution- module removed, requested url removals at G Appreciation for your efforts- extreme.
  7. The big G shows- "This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our website. Learn More. Got it! " for the snippets in my newly indexed products search results. Anyone know of a work around for this? Thanks.
  8. Use a 302 redirect for testing, change it to 301 when you know it's working the way you want.
  9. Big Bear

    Text Slider

    Hi Jack, Thanks for all your contribs! Where is the link supposed to show and what might prevent it? 2.3.4 bs gold
  10. @@Tsimi Has this been fully tested by now? Can it do XX quantity of the master, force a selection of one of 2-X different slaves and force another slave (flat labor charge)? i.e. master is $2lb, customer chooses 37lbs of stone x $2.00lb = $74.00 + must buy 1 strong bag from 2-X slaves ($6.00) + labor to put stones in bag ($10.00) add to cart = $90.00
  11. Big Bear

    Message Box

    Thank you Jack! Although mine is not working the way you intended, it is perfect for my purpose. Just FYI, in your original version, I had a few lines of HTML followed by a line of plain text. In the latest version I put the HTML in box one & plain text in box two. It would fade and message two never showed, fade back to one. I put my whole original string in box one and other plain text in box two. Box one HTML fades, plain text stays, message two never shows. Leave box two empty and it doesn't fade. I'm happy with the results of the blue line configuration with long show, quick fade out-in as it brings attention to the important part.
  12. Big Bear

    Price in Cart Add On?

  13. using 2.3.4bsGold installed in a /folder/ and Customer Testimonials v2.4bs Module check showed the correct /folder/admin/files path but couldn't find them. in catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_testimonials.php For the fix I commented out lines 414 & 415 your version may vary. // the following code checks to see if the shop is in the root folder '/' or in a subfolder i.e. '/catalog/' // we need to check the folder structure so that the following module installation checks work correctly if (DIR_WS_CATALOG == '/') { // if the shop is in the root folder 414 // $file_path = '..'; 415 // } else { // else we assume that the shop is not in the root folder and must be in a subfolder i.e this means that DIR_WS_CATALOG will contain something like /catalog/ or some other folder $file_path = '../..'; }
  14. Looks great. Care to share how you did the date? - http://titanium.oscommerce.ru/blog/2016