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  1. I can't believe no one has said anything about this awesome contribution. It installs in seconds and if you have a site that you want to have your Newest Products or your category list show up on, it doesn't get any easier than this! http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,966 You can see it in action at http://loxly.com and check out the Butterfly Gifts and Cards box. It's too cool! and it will update automatically (actually I have it set to check once per hour) when I add new categories. Thank you to Rodolphe Quiedeville. Debbie
  2. OK, I hope this is the right place to ask for help, if not, let me know :) I did some checking with the vvgallery mod that is being worked on and I think that is a bigger project than what I need and most other photographers need. So I went to the Gallery 1.3.3 software website and did some digging. There is already a mod to add the code to that software to send you to paypal to make purchases. I have two questions, am I better off trying to add buttons to the osCommerce cart through gallery or am I better off attempting to integrate Gallery into the osCommerce product pages? I think either method will not be that difficult to set up, Gallery is being developed to fit into current website designs so it can pull users from existing databases and can be "dropped" into pages that already exist. Hope this makes sense! Debbie
  3. I haven't tested it yet, (bad me) but should work. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,500 Added a readme with some answers to questions from the long threads here, more can be done but this is a first effort. Anyone that would like to take a crack at summarizing the LONG ep thread and creating an FAQ, please email me at dc@loxly.com and I will add it to the package. Also, anyone good at documentation that would like to take a crack at updating the easypopulate manual let me know. This contrib is fabulous thanks to Tim Wasson and those before him, but it does have even more potential. Unfortuanately, it can't be done by one person :) If you have something to add or have added something to EasyPopulate, email dc@loxly.com so we can make it available to all.
  4. Does anyone have this working on an MS1 site? I am interested in installing it, but don't want to invest the time just to find out it needs to be updated to MS1 first :!: I'm not lazy, just practical :idea:
  5. loxly

    Easy Populate Bugs

    Well, I have posted and posted and modified the documentation and practically screamed into cyberspace that each product needs a UNIQUE MODEL NUMBER. I can't help it if no oe pays attention :)
  6. So, did you accomplish this?
  7. loxly

    Easy Populate Help on 2.2 CVS

    There is a different easy populate file for MS2. It is in the contribs section.
  8. loxly

    Easypopulate - product attributes

    I would love to see if this works, I have had people clammoring for it since the beginning of time....
  9. loxly

    Easy Populate Bugs

    Easy Populate is not equipped to handle xhtml. You can enter everything except the product descriptions. Also make sure every line ends with EOREOR
  10. As was pointed out at the beginning of the thread: READ THE MANUAL, not the README. All the instructions to the supported mods are IN THE MANUAL. The manual is supplied in 2-3 formats, you should be able to read one of them. If your image mod doesn't match the included image field names, do a SEARCH and REPLACE. Posting the entire easypopulate.php code file 3 times was not helpful, since no one can get it on a page to read!
  11. loxly

    Easypopulate 2.X for MS2

    *Read* the info on the contrib page and follow the installation directions and there is a working version for MS1 and for MS2, you just have to be a good reader and download the correct one, and install it correctly. Your generic "I tried them all and none of them works" is a very derogatory and misleading post, and it shows that you have not read the documentation. I am not the only person who has worked on and updated the contrib and you are being insulting to the volunteers who HAVE uploaded a working package. After you make sure you have the right version, if you have specific questions, go search the easy populate threads and you WILL find out how to use it. It is EASY to install, but requires you to do SOME work and you won't know what unless you actually open the readme and read it.
  12. loxly

    Add a field to Easy Populate?

    First, You shouldn't promise a customer a feature you cannot supply. Where is the sort order field? If it is in the product table then you need to go and search easypopulate.php for an existing field and copy the existing code, changing the field name to match what your new field name is. You need to make changes in 3 places. Most people do not try and modify easy populate, so bumping your question asking for an answer will usually get you no where and could get you in trouble. If you can't do this yourself, you may need to post in the commercial help needed forum to get someone to customize the code for you. Easy Populate does what it does, it is not easy to customize, it cannot do more without custom coding.
  13. You need to make changes in 3 places when you try and add fields. You need to search the code for an existing field and replicate the code with the new field name.
  14. loxly

    Template System for MS2

    What editing part? There are several existing html editors available.
  15. loxly

    [Contribution] Family Products-MS2

    Why would you start a new topic with this? No one that finds it will know what you are talking about and no one that was watching the previous thread will know you posted a new question.... Just a tip from a forum user, if you are in a topic thread and need more info, stay in the thread, DON'T start a new one.....
  16. You are not using the correct version of easy populate for the version of osc that you are running. Go back to contribs and read the available files on the easy poluate download page and get the right ones :)
  17. No, there are no special settings that are needed. Sounds like you need a visit to php tutorial land :) mySql and phpMyAdmin do allow you to import information directly via excel csv files, you have to go look at the database structure and read up on how. Check the wiki.oscommerce.com and see if there is a tutorial there.
  18. I don't think so, unless the contribution specifically states it will work with MS2 it will NOT.
  19. There is a weight assignment. Are you adding this to MS1 or MS2?
  20. loxly


    that is why there is a search function :)
  21. loxly

    easy populate an shared server

    Read the documentation that comes with Easy Populate, it is in the readme AND in the manual. YOU set the temp directory and tell easy populate where it is.
  22. temp directory has to be world writable. I don't know how you do that on a windows machine. I don't know what to tell you about the blank page, there are other posts in the forums about blank pages, and I do not know if they were all windows host related.
  23. loxly

    Customer Specific Discounts

    And when you find an answer to your own question, post it so others can learn from you :)
  24. loxly

    easy populate an shared server

    You should have access to your own directories to set permissions, if you do not, change hosts ASAP.
  25. Whater version pf osc commerce? What version of Easy Populate? You set the temp dir to 777? check with your host, because none of this appears to be ep related.