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    Raj Bangar
  1. beti.rabiaa@hotmail.com


    My Name is Betty Rabia i was impressed when i saw your profile at oscommerce.com and l will like you to email me back to my in box so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am .i belive we can establish a long lasting relationship with you.In addition,i will like you to reply me through my private email box (beti.rabiaa@hotmail.com) This is...

  2. Which contrib is this, I am very interested in it, but can't find it. Raj Bangar Simplyspice Craftmango
  3. rajbangar

    Contribution Installation

    I use www.rentacoder.com, I found a guy in Canada he done some excellent work for me, at a very resionable price.
  4. Hi Peter Sorry I mean the image 'inline'. I have had a look at PHPmailer, and I'm trying to work it out. If someone has some ideas, I am prepared to code and test. Regards Raj SimplySpice & Craftmango
  5. Peter I've been looking for something to do this for ages, anyone gotm any ideas on how to incorporate this into OScommerce
  6. rajbangar

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Keep going, once you get it working it just keeps working. I had big problems when I first setup, 6 months ago, since then hardly any problems. One thing I did change in hsbc_return.php was make the $CpiResultsCode=='9' the same as $CpiResultsCode=='0'. This is for when the transaction is marked for reveiw, os the card hoilder sees it as authorized. Regards Raj Bangar SimplySpice & Craftmango
  7. rajbangar

    Uk HSBC Secure ePayments CPI - anyone ?

    I use HSBC, it has been down once in the last 3 months, but was sorted out very quickly. Their technical support, in my view, is excellent. They came to see me when I applied for the service, there was no arm twisting. I think they feel that a meeting is better than going on a simple credit check.
  8. rajbangar

    osCom to XHTML

    I am just wondering, what are the benefits of changing a site to XHTML. Regards Raj
  9. rajbangar

    Attribute Sort

    I tried to get easypopulate to work with Attribute sort, but gave up. In the end I created a foxpro database and put everything out as an sql file to import straight into the oscommerce database. I found it the easiest way. I didn't think much of easypopulate.
  10. rajbangar

    [Support] Quantity Discounts

    I've got my order like this Low Order Fee 2 Quantity Discount 5 Shipping 4 Sub-Total 1 V.A.T. 3 Total 6 It works fine.
  11. HTML Newsletters I changed the following line in newsletter_subscribers.php $mimemessage->add_text($this->contentb); to $mimemessage->add_html($this->contentb); and I can send HTML newsletters I don't know if it effects anything else, but as far as I can see it works for me. Raj
  12. I want to allow customers to create an order that will be shipped with an existing order that is pending or processing. So the shipping is not recharged. Does anyone know of any contribution that would achieve this. Thanks is advance Raj
  13. rajbangar

    Add to existing order

    I want to allow customers to add to an existing order that is either pending or processing. Including modification of shipping method and be able to make the payment for the difference in cost. Does anyone know of any contribution that would achieve this. Thanks is advance Raj
  14. rajbangar

    [Support] Quantity Discounts

    Excellent contributiion, easy to install and use.
  15. rajbangar

    Recover Cart Sales

    My view is that it is probabaly better to uninstall unsold carts, before installing recover cart sales. I am using this contribute, and think it's brilliant. Regards Raj