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  1. Loaded Commerce

    HELP! I have an order, but I don't know what it is

    I you can leave this blank in your paypal IPN settings. The payment module - paypal IPN passes the IPN url during checkout. If you do need the url we use /checkout_process.php, meaning https://YOURSECUREURLHERE.COM/checkout_process.php Also i advise that you read the intructions in the paypal IPN download - they prob speak to this directly.
  2. Loaded Commerce

    Error/Alert Message

    english.php around lines 304
  3. Loaded Commerce

    Additional languages for 2.2

    I would look here for now: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ibutions/type,5 It would seem that we could use a contribution category just for languages, and a link to that section from the live languages page http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/languages so people can find the languages in process a little easier.
  4. Loaded Commerce

    Problem with "loaded" snapshot

    The loaded is meant to be a fresh install, and the triple images contribution is built-in by Ian, and it does not have a sql file and istructions like the other ones. I would look at the SQL file that is in the isntall folder and grab the product table creation parts to get the queries you need to add the extra image tables.
  5. Loaded Commerce

    Loaded Version of osC inserting a random product on checkout

    I see alot of people running osc locally then uploading it to their server. Is this due to dailup connections? Or just personal perferences?
  6. Loaded Commerce

    Loaded Version of osC inserting a random product on checkout

    Just curious ... Why are you hosting on a windows server?
  7. Loaded Commerce


    If you are putting your prices on your site, it does not matter if you use all prods or not, your competition will see your prices. And let them. You shoudl not be too concerned abnout the competition playign catch up on your public marketing and sales information. You should be pricing according to your market demands, not your competition, and the same for them. I wuold even go so far as publsihiung information about your competitors and having links to their sites. That will do you alot of good with the search engines, as you will get indexed for having revelent information when people are looking up your competitors. I think I'll go do that now on my site :)