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  1. I have just set-up php and got the website working on my local computer and amazingly the link manager works OK The green tick is showing up correctly So my problem must be a server issue which I am investigating and will let you know the outcome. Thanks for you help and support Sam I Will be back!! Andy
  2. All the links Sam Andy
  3. Still an error Sam ThumbRankDescriptionCategoryStatusLink FoundLast CheckedSubmittedOperation Official retailers of The Mountain T-shirts - 10 loyalty discounts.T-Shirts Not Found or Invalid url Delete Checked reciprocal for link id:7 Not found!!
  4. Hi Sam Here is what I have now configured link_manager.php define('LM_CHECK_PHRASE','Lush Love Tshirts | Print Your Customised Tshirt,The Site That Loves Lush T Shirts, FREE Delivery WorldWide,'); links.php define('Website_URL',''); define('Website_Title','Lush Love Tshirts | Print Your Customised Tshirt'); define('Description','The Site That Loves Lush T Shirts, FREE Delivery WorldWide'); define('LM_TITLE','<b>Links Page</b>'); The Reciprocal www . tamstreasure And the Reciprocal listing Lush Love Tshirts | Print Your Customised Tshirt - The Site That Loves Lush T Shirts, FREE Delivery WorldWide, Please tell me where I am going wrong Thank you for your patience with me Andy
  5. Please explain what the Link_codes: is for when editing the link - do I need to add anything in the textarea Thanks Andy
  6. I also tried define('LM_CHECK_PHRASE','The Site That Loves Lush T Shirts,FREE Delivery WorldWide,Customise Your tshirt,'); But still get Red X Andy
  7. I tried define('LM_CHECK_PHRASE','Lush Love Tshirts | Print Your Customised Tshirt,'); but still get a red X
  8. Thanks for your fast reply Sam I did read first and added a phrase but I do not understand how your system works Given the links I posted earlier - what phrase should I add to the LM_CHECK_PHRASE Andy
  9. Reciprocal Link check does not seam to work - do I need to change a setting someware When checking for the Reciprocal Liks it says Not Found but when I go to the Reciprocal Link URL it exists and links back to my site Reciprocal Reciprocal Found X Last Checked: Not Found or Invalid url ################ The link is www . lushlovetshirts . com Lush Love Tshirts | Print Your Customised Tshirt - The Site That Loves Lush T Shirts, FREE Delivery WorldWide,
  10. Finally gone live Adam here is the link Regards Andrew
  11. A fantastic contrib if I could get it to work properly I use osCommerce 2.2-MS2 and get errors in admin customers and the customer can preview but is unable to update their product So I have removed it from my system.
  12. Will do Adam as soon as I put it live online. My trials have been a huge success and will be going live within the next 4 weeks. Regards Andrew
  13. Hi GeneralB Will not the osc affiliate contribution do what you require?
  14. I agree with you Adam. I have developed an online video rental system with osc and need the rental payment to go direct to seller (the clip owner) automatically so my banking account does not show any payment transactions which would cause me grief with the UK TAX Man. The option to do a manual paypal accountancy would be a nightmare. I am planing to earn from a monthly management fee keeping it clean and simple and automated. Andrew
  15. I have developed a Multiple Sellers feature on my site. It works by letting the customer pay the owner/seller of the product direct to their paypal merchant account. I am wanting to know if this contribution will benefit anyone? if so, I will turning it into a contribution. Multiple Sellers on one osCommerce site The contribution will let you include the sellers paypal merchant email address for each product created in admin. If no Seller Email address is added in the admin Categories/Products then the default paypal modules email address will be used. Multiple Sellers on one osCommerce site will only work with one item in the shopping cart. You cannot have multiple products by multiple sellers going through the checkout system at the same time? To restrict the shopping cart to on item at a time - the contrimution Forced Total Order Quantity By is utilised. Full installation included within this contribution. Regards Andrew