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  1. Thank you very much Dan I'll test it.
  2. Thank you for your answer @burt Would you kindly provide me a link please?
  3. @MrPhil I probably misspoke. Version 1 of recaptcha is abned and replaced by version 2.0 Version 1 becomes obselete. I understand your comment for customers and especially the visually impaired or blind. But what solution do you recommend not to receive a large number of emails "Spam"? Thanks for your answer.
  4. Thank you very much for your answer @ArtcoInc Not having a lot of time to remake the store completely it is sure that my choice turns more towards the solution N ° 2 But I can not find a recaptcha 2.0 contribution for the verson osc 2.3.4 This contribution is very complete I did not think there was so much difference with the edge version :( Thanks again for this answer.
  5. Hello everybody, This version of recaptcha and planned for BS BS but I think it must be possible to run it on osc2.3.4 no BS. Knowing that the recaptcha 2.0 becomes mandatory this month I would like to put it in place. The contribution is here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/f2UI4&recaptcha-2-form-validation-for-bs-edge&p=2 I am on a version 2.3.4 but without BS.PHP 5.6 Knowing that this contribution is mandatory in that the deadline arrives I must absolutely put it up in my shop. I try to find the solution to my problem by doing research on the internet but the problem seems to be that with me: / I followed the file for the installation, I checked several times but I can not find the error. On my page account_edit.php I have the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method oscTemplate::getContent() in /homepages/xx/xxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/account_edit.php on line 276 I get the same message on every page that is activated in the recaptcha module. When this function is called: echo $oscTemplate->getContent('forms'); I remain available if need more elements of course. In advance thank you for your help.