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  1. kpiper

    Edit Opening Page of Shopping Cart

    WOW!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your time to answer my question. All of you have been a big help! KIP
  2. kpiper

    Edit Opening Page of Shopping Cart

    Thank you for your quick reply! It's version 2.3.4. I apologize for not including this before. Yes, I have the admin access. Yes, I know how to transfer files. Thank you for asking these questions! The customer wanted me to build a WooCommerce site for them, which I have done and it is live. That is why there are no products in the OSCommerce site. He has deleted them all. So he wants me to change the opening page so it has a message and link to the new shopping cart. I found out how to change the Contact page - from earlier forum posts - but cannot find out how to change the opening page. I'm sure it's because I don't know how to properly research what file controls this! Kip
  3. I just took over an OSCommerce site. I am new to OSCommerce. I need to update the information on the front page in the OSCommerce store. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to access the original content in order to update the content! The website is http://cowcatcher.us/store/catalog/index.php. Can anyone tell me where to go inside the store settings to update the opening page? Thanks SO MUCH in advance for your assistance!