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  1. Hi Lee Thank you , like an idiot I didnt back up before meddling, is there a way of returning it to what it was ? thank you
  2. i have done that repeatedly and it is still the same :-( thank you kind regards
  3. Hi, I have been trying to add my own logo and banner, but rather meddled I think, and am now stuck, if anyone could please advise, I seem to have a rather large OScommerce across my shop ,, also how do I put one product in more than one category, is there any easy way rather than doing it manually thank you thank you kind regards Nikki
  4. Hi Thank you for you help and advice, I think I am beginning to get there, I did manage to set up our web site with a lot of trial and error , i do however wish I had read your comments earlier especially regarding back up before meddling :-( . I somehow have a bit 'ecommerce' logo across my shop :-( could you please advise how to deal with it if you have time, thank you very much kind regards Nikki
  5. ok thank you I will try that
  6. Thank you it just says page not found :-(
  7. Hi Can anyone tell me how to edit the privacy notice, and shipping and returns etc please thank you
  8. but I am keen to learn :-)
  9. Um no not really
  10. Thank you , but I have no idea how or where i would do that i'm afraid i am very new to all this kind regards Nikki
  11. Hi Again, i have downloaded it but have no idea what to do with it now as I just have loads of files thank you Nikki
  12. Hi Thank you very much, I will try as you suggest and see how I get on, the version I have just downloaded was kind regards nikki
  13. Hi I hope someone can assist me please I am a real beginner , o have a web site www and have just today downloaded oscommerce to attach to it , my first question is can I change the colour scheme thank you