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    DHTML Menu's

    Does anyone have a more examples for DHTML menus for the categories box?
  2. unistar

    PayPal IPN v0.90 Whats New!

    I get this error when trying to go to the paypal ipn transactions. The file is there and 755'ed and same. any ideas?
  3. unistar

    PayPal IPN?

    Also if you would like trying with C2IT (they don't charge to pay or sell with this service). I'm just happy with an option in payments and a link to get them there for now (or anyone out there who has done something like that) or that I can copy... thanks! Hola Virginia La verdad que nunca probe Billpoint, y de hecho no lo conocia :) Si trabaja igual que PayPal, se podria hacer un modulo similiar al modulo que viene en osCommerce, pero que envie los datos a BillPoint, pero habria que averiguar un poco mas. Lo que seguramente no deben tener, es una funcionalidad como la de PayPal IPN, pero igualmente se podria hacer un modulo. Cuando termine con el modulo de PayPal intentare hacer algo Saludos
  4. unistar

    PayPal IPN v0.90 Whats New!

    I wanted to know the advantages of the Paypal IPN compared to the regular PayPal module. And if someone can give me a short explanation of making the required changes using phpmyadmin. Thanks in advanced! :)
  5. unistar

    C2IT module?

    :lol: Has anyone created a C2IT module? (c2it.com). Or has someone edited the sample.php module to create any other modules? Thanks, guys/gals