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  1. Might be of use to someone else, I could not get the v2.4.4 to configure and got a database error when I tried to install but 2.3.3. seems to function OK. It was the lines starting tep_db_query("insert into cconfiguration . . . which gave the problem whereas the previous was tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title . . . Not sure if its that double "cc" or is that a php 7 issue? - I am running 5.6 currently
  2. Well guys, I have taken your advice despite my initial annoyance having installed the officially recommended version and done all the various config stuff. So many thanks @raiwa and @MrPhil and ArtcoInc for your inputs - the responsive version functions well - osC 2.3.4BS Edge -and is all up and running with my various modules installed without a hitch. Having a single user.css file for appearance is helpful too (although a little tricky to get right . . . I think I am there now).
  3. Thanks Ruden, that is much better!
  4. Look, that is not helpful. The current guidance on the OSCommerce website is quite clearly to use - (see screen grab) - maybe you should sort out among yourselves what version you promote? I just did what you yourselves collectively recommend. What am I supposed to do? Mr Phil, thanks for the guidance on css etc. In fact the formatting was being overridden and is now sorted.
  5. Hi, I'm a long term user of OSC > 10 years) and have just installed and configured it to look just as I want it with ONE exception. The shopping_cart.php page looks incongruous and out of place with the rest of my site. The conflicts and priority rules of the stylesheet and the theme switcher (and I have added a few) are bewildering. In shopping_cart.php (in the main directory not the language file) I have changed (about line 35) <div class="contentContainer"> <h2><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS; ?></h2> <div class="contentText"> to read <div class="contentContainer"> <h2><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS; ?></h2> <div class="productListTable"> This changes the page style to be much more like the rest of the site - it gets rid of the bold and underlined product links and the background in better BUT I CANNOT CHANGE THE COLOUR OF THOSE (product) LINKS FROM BLACK AND IN THE WRONG FONT, I have tried inline divs, styles, setting them in css. . . you name it! Suggestions would be greatly appreciate please.