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  1. Gyakutsuki

    Migration to the last version

    Hello, As the current version as lot of bugs bugs I tried to change some files to resolve some point. Now If I want update the application I can not and there is nowehre where I can find the file modified for the latest version until we see the list update) What s happen If I do that mannually and compare the files and change ? Check updates for 49806 File already update_from_49806_to_49998_version.zip downloaded. File admin/includes/application_top.php checksum passed. File admin/themes/basic/css/responsive.css checksum passed. File admin/themes/basic/css/style-dark.css checksum passed. File admin/themes/basic/css/style.css checksum passed. File includes/application_top.php checksum passed. File includes/application_top_console.php checksum passed. File includes/configure.WL.php checksum mismatch. ============================> File includes/version.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/config/main-local.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/AdminmembersController.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/BackupController.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/Cache_controlController.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/CustomersController.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/InstallController.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/PlatformsController.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/controllers/Sceleton.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/design/Theme.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/design/boxes/views/default.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/models/EP/Provider/Properties.php checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/cache_control/index.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/customers/index.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/filters/customers.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/install/library.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/install/store-list.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/install/updates.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/orders/index.tpl checksum passed. File lib/backend/themes/basic/platforms/view.tpl checksum passed. File lib/common/classes/modules/ModuleExtensions.php checksum passed. File lib/common/components/GoogleTools.php checksum mismatch. ============================> File lib/common/helpers/Admin.php checksum passed. File lib/common/helpers/Hooks.php checksum passed. File lib/common/helpers/Mail.php checksum passed. File lib/common/helpers/Password.php checksum passed. File lib/common/helpers/System.php checksum passed. File lib/common/modules/email/Swiftmailer.php checksum passed. File lib/frontend/components/GaCollector.php checksum passed. File sql/trueloaded.sql checksum passed. Installation aborted.
  2. Gyakutsuki

    Migration to the last version

    @ynechitajlo, I do that, do not work. Also if you deploy the php file directly via FTP the file size may change and not match the original ==> Pb if no change. Sorry, some people will have this pb in the future.
  3. Gyakutsuki

    Migration to the last version

    Hello, I decided to upload this 2 files to do the migration and try to do a new migration. Unfortunatly, it does not work. The verification system is based on the date, not on the file size. In this case, it's not possible to realise a migration. A big point to resolve. Thank you to give more information to push the migration because these files are not modified. File includes/configure.WL.php checksum mismatch. ============================> File lib/common/components/GoogleTools.php checksum mismatch. ============================>
  4. Gyakutsuki

    How to report installation and operation issues

    For issues there is a wiki https://github.com/osCommerce/osCommerce-V4/issues
  5. Gyakutsuki

    Can't make template active

    You must create a channel and after create symslink on your server else does not work1
  6. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce 4.02

    Ok thank you, What do you change inside this version. Also If I have not the last version for example, v4.0001, is it a problem to update for the latest version ?
  7. Gyakutsuki

    Github oscommerce V4

    Hello, Just a question ? There is a new osc version appears but we do not see anything about the code evolution in Github. Do you want to use github or it's just stay like that without code evolution ? Also I inserted lot of bugs, little are commented, some others not and we do not see if this bugs are resolved or not. Also if the community can confirm these bugs or add it will be great. Thank you
  8. Gyakutsuki

    Download Trashed ????

    Hello, In setting / Configuration / Email I have a button called Download Trashed if I click I download this a file with this. Could you explain me if I need to do something ? /*move to configuration_trash from configuration*/ replace into configuration_trash select * from configuration where configuration_id = '4621' /*delete from configuration*/ delete from configuration where configuration_id = '4621'
  9. Gyakutsuki

    Download Trashed ????

    V4 of course
  10. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce 4.01

    Hello, Thank you for this update but ow to migrate the version. Could you tell us the migration process, what s happen with the db and evolution;
  11. Hello, When I click on this element I have an error : Theme / customize / widgets group
  12. Gyakutsuki

    Theme / customize / widgets group error

    exact pb solved
  13. Gyakutsuki

    Issue on Admin login

    Hello, After to fill the email setting, I tried to send some email accross customer (reset password) or via the front end (account) For the back end customer, a pop up is diplayed but when you click on update, nothing happen For the front end, same thing The email is set correctly via smtp and port 495 After that I decided to deconnect everything and when I am trying to reconnect (administration) I have now an error the log write this : [01-Aug-2022 16:35:18 Europe/London] PHP Deprecated: Implicit conversion from float 258317.00000000003 to int loses precision in /home/mfvs8363/test.clicshopping.org/lib/common/helpers/Password.php on line 134 and in my screen I have this thank wou
  14. Gyakutsuki

    Issue on Admin login

    Hello, Tk, Could you create a ticket about this issue on gihtub
  15. Hello, Please we need a tool to report the issues, I discover a lot and I am little tired to push everything inside the forum. Could you do that for us quickly else the community version will be push on github for example one day or another by someone. It's better if this action come from for you and it will be more simple for your team to manage that. Thank you.
  16. Gyakutsuki

    Theme / Channel installation

    Hello, Maybe I do not understand something inside the documentation. How to setup correctly a new with a new channel. You give some information about the theme, but about the channel, I do not see anything. https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Design_Technologies_and_Creating_Theme Also, I think we must create a new directory called Test for example inside the server, in the root directory, or in the Theme directory. What is the process ? Last question, if we have more than one domain name, could you explain to setup this ? I think these informations miss inside the documentation Thank you.
  17. Gyakutsuki

    Theme / Channel installation

    I see inside the server themes/test the files css, cache .... In admin I see my nice creation in preview (test) In catalog , it's a white page or message to contact you Also in admin if I click on Widget Group (Theme), I have this error Error An internal server error occurred. The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact us if you think this is a server error. Thank you. I gave to Vadym the info about the ftp access to look that
  18. Hello, these points are in gray, how to activate, Do we need a specific module ? If witch modules name ? Tk
  19. Gyakutsuki

    How to activate these functions inside customer group

    This module will be available as app, free, paid ? Same question for the products and size. It's in grey, if I installed the ups module for example, can I have access? because UPS, fedex ... some other use this approach to give price.
  20. Gyakutsuki


    Hello How to customize the admin dashboard. DO you have a modular approach? I tried to add something inside /lib/backend/widgets nothing work or I make a mistake Thank you
  21. Gyakutsuki

    Final countdown to v4

    Congratulation for this release, I will look and report if I found something or I do not understand something
  22. Gyakutsuki

    Postal code

    admin/postal-codes Hello, Looking this features, do you have a solution to import all the postal code about a country or to connect at a webservice. What are your point of view. Currently it's manual inside the application. Tk
  23. Gyakutsuki

    Postal code

    Hello @Jack_mcs, Yes I agree we can have some api to use, but in the state inside the solution, I do not think some people will use that (manual approach), too much data to include inside the application. I hope the next release we will have an import and export button to manage that.
  24. @VadymG Hello Vadym, I am looking functionalities inside Osc V4 , I do not found them. (channel or customer option) Is it possible to let a customer to register but it does not have access to the product, or price only if the administrators accept this customer and give a specific customer group Tk
  25. Hello, I am looking the wiki and I do see a recommendation how to override a form without to change the origin ? How to inject inside admin form a new field ? (product fiel) How to inject a new tab inside admin with some field (product field) Please let me know if this information is created tk