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  1. Hello,, Just a little statistic to know if you use a captcha or not and how much spam do you receive per day or month via your form contact The captcha is useful or not, Do you use google captcha, numeric spam or nothing.
  2. Gyakutsuki

    souci index.php et installation

    Bonjour, Tu es sur une forum en anglais, pas en francais. Le mieux est de poser ta question sur la comunauté francaise. index.php ne doit pas etre supprimé c est le premier fichier qui est lu par un le serveur Il existe d autres versions OsCommerce mais elle ne sont plus maintenues ou presque et pas compatble avec php 8.0 ou 8.1 je crois. Seul la version V2.4 est maintenue mais c est un fork maintenant. Mis a part la , la communauté attend la v4.0 qui sera une révolution par rapport é la conception et et aux fonctionnalités de la V2. I provided the solution in french about the question. You can let or remove this post as you wish (moderator).
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    Shipping methods

  4. Gyakutsuki

    Shipping methods

    Hello, there, an example inside a product about the shipping but also the approach could be more complex.
  5. Gyakutsuki

    PHP Version

    Yas it works under php 8.0x, not sur on php 8.1
  6. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Hello @mfleeson, Some people selected test the solution to help the team to resolve some points. Please be patient as all the others.
  7. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Hello, First, nice work Now let's start with the testers I hope you will have nice feedback. Congratulation for your work
  8. Hello, I would know with which modules do you use in shop. Depends on your location, you can use only a bank module or virtual bank (paypal ...). So you also can propose one or several. In your opinion how many payment solution must be proposed inside your shop to help to customer to make this choice and what is the most important payment solution to integrate inside a shop ?
  9. Hello I agree with Dimitry, not simple to maintain a software, the e-commerce environment has changed a lot and this community do not knew to manage that. Now, what's happen with V4, I do not know, the communication is low and it seems there is some pb recently to resolve, maybe we will have something, but what, The business model must go on free / paid module with possible SAS solution, maybe like prestashop. What I see now, the little company want something lite, paid monthly (SAS), not something has as Magento ... need a specific server and some maintenance (It's for the big company). T The V4, what I tested in demo deeply, is the same approach as Magento. More functionalities, more complexities your must to manage and maintain (and I know that) In summary, if your knowledge in PHP, on different frameworks, is no good and you do not want to invest time, it's better to migrate on another solution.
  10. Gyakutsuki

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    Hello, Currently, the team seems to work to try to finalize the first version (Vadym feedback). - There is no template all will be deployed in time - About the image, you can see my comment on my post feedback demo, you will lot of images. Also, in the different post you can see also some images and comments. Take time. As you, I am waiting to see the final version.
  11. Gyakutsuki

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    Hello Guys, Just a question : What do you think about the next Osc. I think your feedback we will be great for the team.
  12. Gyakutsuki

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Nobody has seen the code about the new solution. On Github, you can find an old Trueloaded but it seems the code has been rewritten. During this time there is some demonstration. We must wait on that. Regards.
  13. Gyakutsuki

    Marketplace features

    Hello to start this topic : Sellers primarily want to sell. This means listing, selling and dispatching products efficiently. Buyers primarily want to buy. This means searching for the best products and purchasing them quickly. The platform connects buyers with sellers and generates revenue doing it. This means having the right tools to support The administrator must able to take fees (montly, annual) and via subscription or by products sell. Example of functionnalities can include in the version. Authorization and Security (user must sign up for providing personal details such as name, gender, email, date of birth, phone number, password) – here in Syndicode we take it as a priority: all user data must be protected! Registration for vendors. Vendors will have access to all functionality provided on your online marketplace, meaning they will be able to indicate the minimum or fixed price for their item, for example. Another important thing is the ability for the user to sign up via social network which is much easier than classic way suggests. Managing user profile and personal details update (this is more important for sellers than buyers because seller information should be clearly presented and easily managed by publishers). Note, that authorized users need to have the possibility to become publishers and add their content. Managing Listing (Listing is products or services on a web marketplace). Sellers need to publish and manage their items. Here you can check Woobra – perfect example of marketplace for product sourcing where Syndicode implemented this functionality of listing managing. For site visitors we added the ability to search, use a filter and view detailed information; for site publishers – to add a new listing, view their listings, publish, edit or unpublish their listing, etc. Booking/order process for clients (this functionality built to ensure reserving goods and services by users and collecting delivery information by publishers). Here developers need to add also the possibility for communication between viewers and publishers. Order management should allow multiple viewers and publishers to collaborate. Payment option (Online Marketplace requires advanced payment functionality: payment system, ability to use credit cards, cash, PayPal, billing and invoice operations). In Syndicode we usually develop marketplaces with multiple payment methods to ensure that both user’ groups can use them in the most convenient way. Don’t forget about Payout: publishers should retrieve their money from the system – this functionality demands additional code. Major payment providers have solutions for that, for example, Stripe Connect. Reviews and ratings (this instrument aimed to help publishers and customers understand the situation on the market and build trust between each other). Both sides should be able to see listings reviews, customers will be able to write them and rate listings. Notifications (they used for tracking the process of building relationships between viewer and publisher: with them, users can be informed about the arrival of their order and so on). Obviously, the user must be able to change notifications settings. The most widespread notification methods are SMS and emails. Landing pages for clients and vendors. There should be a possibility to set and customize different layouts for landing pages depends whether they aimed to capture clients’ or vendors’ attention. Landing pages for clients must be easily customized by vendors according to their needs (top products list, location data or special offers, collecting emails and so on). Browsing content (this feature lets the user find what he is looking for). As navigation getting more smooth the more attention is paid to the products. You can browse through Syndicode projects to evaluate our approach for navigation and design – we take user comfort among the first priorities. Customer service (allows to keep in touch with the customer and grow his loyalty). In this part marketplaces usually use promotions, partners recruitment, collecting and visualizing data to understand tendencies, email campaigns for customer onboarding.
  14. Gyakutsuki

    Marketplace features

    I think yes, for me it's very interesting and you can acquire new company because there is something to do. It can be a difference with the competitors.
  15. Gyakutsuki

    Payment and Shipping

    Hello, Could you tell us which payment or shipping will be by default ? Do you have some other module available when the solution will be pushed ? Thank you.
  16. Gyakutsuki

    Typical "How to" questions

    How to set up Canadian Taxes How to set up Europe Taxes (ex France to Europe)
  17. Gyakutsuki

    Import - export process

    Hello, There some screenshot about the import and export Currently, the import is in csv but it's possible in the future to have more choices as json, xml .... I do not see a specific import from Osc. The process is quite simple via a mapping: You must choose for example products and you can import your products Note: The import does not link for example between categories and products, you must make a manual action to reorganize your catalog. The mapping Export process in csv
  18. Gyakutsuki

    Import - export process

    Will you be creating an addon ==> I am not inside the team, I think easy populate will stay inside 2.4 Then can you explain more what is different? ==> For this current import inside v4, you select brand and you can import the brand, same approach with the categories, products .... About the attributes, I do not have an example to include inside the v4, but the approach must be similar - import product in csv - mapping creation - importation Improvment can be done : save the mapping creating as a template for the next time
  19. Gyakutsuki

    Import - export process

    Not the same solution; not the the approach.
  20. Gyakutsuki

    Import - export process

    There is a specific database osCommerce v2 but after you must use this import and if have some customization, you must develop or important in your hand.
  21. Gyakutsuki

    Technoloy V4

    Hello, What's under the machine. The most important techno identified. Comments for future version: Bootstrap 3 is little old and bootstrap 5 is very close without jquery. Do you go in this way @osCommerce-Official Jquery : Not interesting most of the browser has integrated some features. It's better to write pure js Now it's only my point of view. The machine : Cache / template: Smarty Miss Preloader : https://github.com/DarkGhostHunter/Preloader (example) Script de police Font Awesome Google Font API Divers Clipboard.js Éditeur WYSIWYG CKEditor 4.5.10 with ckFinder ===> see ElFinder al oth image manager Graphismes JavaScript Chart.js jQuery Sparklines Carte Google Maps Chat en direct Tawk.to Librairies JavaScript DataTables Lodash 4.17.15 Moment.js 2.0.0 Select2 jQuery 1.10.2 jQuery UI 1.10.2 jQuery Migrate 3.0.0 FancyBox 2.1.5 Frameworks UI Bootstrap v3
  22. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce v4 demo

    Import export see the thread :
  23. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce v4 demo

    Yes thank you, Inside attributes, you can check select or radio. Small text is not included inside as a choice (type in graphics)
  24. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce v4 demo

    For order editor, see this thread about the images :
  25. Gyakutsuki

    Order Editor

    Hello, Follow to demo 4, there some screenshot about the order. As you see it complete the first is order listing with some bulkk option The 2 others images is to create an order