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  1. yes more modern than the old :)
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      I'm starting to like it too....I guess you could say it is growing on me.:smile:

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  3. hello, I will know if someone has been this thing or have an idea I am trying to develop a new apps payment module and the bank ask me a call back url. In my json I included this : "modules": { "Payment": { "HO": "Module\\Payment\\HO" } }, "routes": { "Shop": { "order&desjardins&success&ho": "Sites\\Shop\\Pages\\HO" } } The normal call back url must be index.php?order&desjardins&success&ho but in return I have this index.php?A&Payment%5CDesjardins&index.php The information of the receipt of desjardins is : index.php?order&desjardins&success&ho and is correct. The pb come from desjardins when it redirect the link (index.php?order&desjardins&success&ho) ? The pb come from a pb with the routes ? When i look who's online I have this element : /boutique/index.php?order&desjardins&success&ho. I am supposing the redirect url is correct but something wrong is make in the routes. I don't understand why i have a wrong url. Any idea to look or test ?
  4. I am closed : there the element than I have taken to resolve the situation this element allow to take the element in the session table and to use for inject in order table. if ($OSCOM_Session->exists($MoneticoPaiement_bruteVars['texte-libre'])) { $serialstring = $OSCOM_Session->read($MoneticoPaiement_bruteVars['texte-libre']); }; if(preg_match_all('/(\w+)\|(.*?)(?=(\w+)\||$)/',$serialstring,$matches)){ foreach($matches[1] as $i=>$k){ //var_dump("$k"); $v=$matches[2][$i]; // post-pipe group if(preg_match_all('/s:(\d+):"([^"]*?)"/',$v,$matches2)){ // capture string lengths and values //print_r($matches2); foreach($matches2[1] as $i=>$len){ if(($newlen=strlen($matches2[2][$i]))!=$len){ // if bad string length count, fix it $v=str_replace("s:{$len}:\"{$matches2[2][$i]}\"","s:{$newlen}:\"{$matches2[2][$i]}\"",$v); } } } if(substr_count($v,"{")>substr_count($v,"}")){ // if insufficient closing curly brackets, fix it $v.=str_repeat("}",substr_count($v,"{")-substr_count($v,"}")); } if(!in_array(substr($v,-1),[";","}"])){ $v.=";"; // append semicolon where not ending in } or ; } //var_dump($v); //echo "\n"; if($v=="N;"){ $result[$k]=NULL; // this is a workaround for an inexplicable unserialize() failure }elseif($v=='s:0:"";'){ $result[$k]=""; // this is a workaround for an inexplicable unserialize() failure }elseif($unserial=unserialize($v)){ $result[$k]=$unserial; }else{ echo "There was an error unserializing $k\n"; var_dump($v); } } } var_dump($result); var_dump('<br />---------- order----------<br />'); $order = $result['order']; var_dump($order);
  5. Hello, @Harald Ponce de Leon : could you help me ? I trying to learn how to create a bank module APP with a call back url. When I connect on the server, I have a session X When I go back on the server I have a new session Y created I need all informations about the old session X to finish the order. For exemple in the cmic / desjardins in 2.3 we have this // set the session name and save path session_name('osCsid'); session_save_path(SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY); // ******************************************************************************** // recuperation de l'id de session contenu dans texte-libre session_id($_REQUEST['texte-libre']); // session_id(substr($_REQUEST['texte-libre'],0,26)); // ******************************************************************************** // start the session $session_started = false; osc_session_start(); $session_started = true; if ( ($session_started == true) && (PHP_VERSION >= 4.3) && function_exists('ini_get') && (ini_get('register_globals') == false) ) { extract($_SESSION, EXTR_OVERWRITE+EXTR_REFS); } // initialize a session token if (!isset($_SESSION['sessiontoken'])) { $_SESSION['sessiontoken'] = session_id($_REQUEST['texte-libre']);; } How to translate this element in 2.4 or to have an orientation TK
  6. @Harald Ponce de Leon Hello Harald, In your plan which modules will be backported in the 2.4 app ? payment/cod shipping/flat shipping/item shipping/table shipping/zones order_total ot_lowerfee.php ot_shipping.php ot_subtotal.php ot_taxt.php ot_total.php other modules ?
  7. Ok, tk, I test it but I forgot the other files ! restest. Also it's not better to use the receiver_id ?
  8. Need information about $_POST['receiver_email'] I have a pb in this moment with this element and $_POST['receiver_email'] is always empty. I am looking to find information on the paypal return, but this information does not appear. But I saw : business. In this case, I am always redirect in shopping_cart. in your test, do you have this problem ? To resolve I inserted a comment on this line but it's not the best way solution) but in this case I have no problem with my order. Tk if ( $result != 'VERIFIED' ) { $messageStack->add_session('header', $this->app->getDef('module_ps_error_invalid_transaction')); OSCOM::redirect('shopping_cart.php'); } and if (($Qorder->fetch() === false) || ($order_id != $pptx_params['invoice']) || ($_SESSION['customer_id'] != $pptx_params['custom'])) { OSCOM::redirect('shopping_cart.php'); }
  9. @@clustersolutions Paypal has been developped for 2.4 and use Apps architecture. Else, why Harald use the apps directory ? Currently I am studying the development to understand all the process, front end and back end. After 2.4 is not finish maybe also the architecture can evoluate.
  10. @@MrPhil Look this information;
  11. I don't know the recaptcha created by burt, but yes you can use this element for all important page.
  12. Just for information, google propose now recaptcha invisible.
  13. App documentation is interesting but not enough, create an app is not so simple than to create a module.
  14. Hello, I think you can have paypal app like example. I am working with to understand all the process to create an app. For moment I try to develop a new page on theme best selling.
  15. Nice, Thank you Harald, Happy birthday for the community.