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Status Updates posted by Gyakutsuki

  1. Hello Harald,
    Is it possible to add on the forum a link in the header for the contribution (https://apps.oscommerce.com). because in this moment, eveytime we must search this page.

  2. Crashed 5 days of development ! it's not my days

  3. Allez la France !!!

  4. J-1 What is your best soccer team ?

  5. We are free !! It's not the best ?

  6. More 20° yesterday, snow now, maybe snow storm ar Montreal . The weather is creazy ?

    1. MrPhil


      Wet snow last night in the NYC area. Had to scrape it off the windshield this morning.

  7. 22° at Montreal and I'm cold.

  8. Pizza made in house tonight !

  9. My proftpd doesn't work ! My god

    1. Gyakutsuki


      i win my fight : proftpd on ubuntu 13.10 use module now !!

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR all the community

    1. Biancoblu


      Happy New Year to you too and to the whole osC community :)

  11. -29° today at Montreal. Do you want to live at Montreal ?

    1. MrPhil


      Been there, done that. It's a bit chilly in the winter. Beautiful city otherwise!

    2. joli1811


      Now that is cold

    3. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Good thing we remembered to close the door last night. ;)

  12. Try wordpress with woocomerce. It's an horror and very slow

  13. My god ! Just for one line !

  14. Again hospital. I am tired

    1. joli1811


      Keep the head up thoughts from Ireland

    2. Biancoblu


      wishing you the best

    3. Gyakutsuki


      Thank you guys

  15. osCommerce - Start your Free Trial Now - shopify.com‎ www.shopify.com/free-trial‎ !!! Shopify play at oscommerce !!!

  16. Seems tell_a_friend.php very sensible to spam

  17. In test : dmark another email verification : for more information : http://www.dmarc.org/

  18. New rules on email server updated : SPF - DKIM is ready : Not so simple

  19. Go to bootstrap 3

  20. Very Good day, and patatra, cheat !! No chance

  21. why complicate life when it is so simple !!!

  22. Pikes Peaks : go Sebastien Loeb it's now : http://goo.gl/NJh8 After it's to late !!

    1. Gyakutsuki


      Record explosed 8:10

    2. tgely


      crazy cool

  23. Smile getting up allows you to have a better life

    1. GLWalker


      Not if you need to catch up on sleep.

  24. Come back To Montreal, 29° tomorrow, incredible !