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  1. On 14 September 2019, a major regulatory change will come into force and will force e-commerce players to tighten their controls over consumer purchases. From this date, they will indeed have to guarantee a strong authentication for payments, the simple validation of a purchase thanks to a code received by SMS not enough any more. In detail, merchant sites must ensure that you are at the origin of a payment using at least two of the following three elements: information that you are alone to know, as a word of pass or secret code, the use of a device that belongs to you, such as mobile phone, and a personal feature, such as facial or voice recognition or fingerprint. In relation with the DSP2 !
  2. @HPDL, Automatic updates will first arrive with v3 and v3 based CE releases Just a question. The 2.4 is stopped or it will be finished ?
  3. Gyakutsuki

    Is a store built on oscommerce ?

    You can use a module like wappalyzer (firefox or chrome). You will see some information about the server and the cms.
  4. Gyakutsuki

    How to expand the field "Product Name" in admin.

    Look your Db and the varchar product name. You can change the number until 255.
  5. Gyakutsuki

    Forum Changes

    @Harald Ponce de Leon, Thank you for your quick explanation
  6. Gyakutsuki

    Forum Changes

    Some post have been lost, Do you delete some post or you have just move in 2.x. For example all on 2.4 ?
  7. Gyakutsuki

    Forum Changes

    A new dynamic will happen, it's good for the community and this futur
  8. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce website given refresh

    @Hotclutch Just I said, it the same thing for all marketplace. The interpretation of shame is not good. Everyone works on the number, but the reality is different. I agree the number is evidence the community has been dynamic for a long time. 500 add on / year 0.02 add on / member
  9. Gyakutsuki

    osCommerce website given refresh

    9 000 !! How many works, really ? That's the problem. It's the race that will have the most modules that do not work. It's a shame. This comment is also valid for all e-commerce tools (but other cms) and even worse for Android.
  10. @fantomen Oscommerce is not a tools updated to use with an ERP, I make an add on and youan see in action inside the video forum. Note : it does not work with the latest odoo version because their api and call has been changed. But some other e-commerce tools are more appropriate to use odoo like prestashop, magento and some other. If you have lot of maintenance, it's better for you to migrate your e-commerce tools to another. Time is business, tools must in relation with your business. This Oscommerce version is not made for that.
  11. @fantomen Oddo manage all of this, you must install the module for that. for that try the solution online and install e-commerce module. After there is some other module than you can install, maybe not on the online version. But it's big, you must have money to maintain that.
  12. With 40 000 products, it's better to use an ERP like Odoo. Osc is made for that and an Erp will win some work time, for stock, price, update, .... After if you do to that, use easy populate could be a solution, but be careful, if you can change the time php upload limit, it will be better because you can have some error with your sql base if you have this kind of problem
  13. Touch the option need to change lot of thing inside Osc. It's not just a cosmetic. The impact is in on the shopping cart class (add, update, delete, recover...), confirmation, process, order and all payment like paypal including the session. In all cases, if you change the system in the options (products_info), you must update all the code. You must understand, it's not a simple work and take lot of time and the repercussion inside all Osc is very important. Select is one selection ==> ok work Radio field is one ===> ok work Checkbox is many selection ===> not work Select multiple is many selection ===> not work There is no add on works with the last 2 options above, just partial with some error inside, not recommended to install.