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  1. Gyakutsuki

    Spam, Fake accounts and how to stop them.

    Nice work, it will help some people on this forum to fight again that.
  2. Gyakutsuki

    PHP and the newest cPanel

    It's time to make a big update of your solution. 7.1 is soon out of the road, no update will be pushed. Most of the hoster has started to work with 7.3, 7.4 end of this month. You are lucky that php 5.6 is again available. Your hoster is cool on that. But your description can help some people with a similar problem. It's nice to explain what's happening. But do not forget it's temporary. The hoster can not let inside their server a php version with some security problem. It can be a problem for their infrastructure. Lesson: save a little bit each me to migrate your application
  3. Gyakutsuki

    Facebook Shop Module

    Just a question to you take in consideration the multilanguage about the taxonomy ? Make an ajax can be slow Note phoenix use the Hooks, call a hooks can be the best approach without to include code inside the source. look this way. => But need the latest version.
  4. Gyakutsuki

    Terms of Use.

    @Bonbec : Like here, there is moderator, and take decisions. That's all. You make a fuss for not much. 2 links.
  5. Gyakutsuki

    Terms of Use.

    Unfortunately, this forum becomes to close or restrict. It's good to have some examples come from other e-commerce solutions that can improve the discussion and orientation for this osC solution. To have this attitude is just for me about the community message : osC is out of the road compared to other solutions. It's true on the code, it's not true on the basics functionalities.
  6. Gyakutsuki

    Edge VS Frozen

    Phoenix is better but not the panace. It's better now because all the others are not maintained.
  7. Gyakutsuki

    Facebook Shop Module

    Hello @rebelsheep, A little code can help you about the taxonomy. It's better to redirect via blank page to the taxonomy page. $content = '<div class="row" id="GoogleTaxonomy">'; $content .= '<div class="col-md-12">'; $content .= '<div class="form-group row">'; $content .= TEXT_GOOGLE_TAXONOMY; $content .= '<div class="col-md-6">'; $content .= tep_draw_input_field('google_taxonomy_id', $google_taxonomy_id) . ' '; $content .= '<a href="http://www.google.com/basepages/producttype/taxonomy-with-ids.en-US.txt" target="_blank"><i class="fas fa-external-link-square-alt"></i></a>'; $content .= '</div>'; $content .= '</div>'; $content .= '</div>'; $content .= '</div>'; echo $content;
  8. Every time this discussion comes back. The problem is always simple; Who maintain that ? osC has been always simple to allow people to make their own approach. After like official osC is under sunset, maybe Burt can do that, but I am not sure it want to do that. The time to maintain a solution is horrible when you must to make correction or evolution. I know that, I have experience with that. Note : just to maintain the phoenix, the time to resolve bug .... is very important for someone do not win money for this implication.
  9. for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->products); $i<$n; $i++) { by if (is_array($order->products) { for ($i=0, $n=count($order->products); $i<$n; $i++) {
  10. Gyakutsuki

    New site integration evaluation

    I think it found that on the internet. For Europe / Noth America, low price could be very difficult for a company / self company, to make something when we take in consideration the taxes, .... Asia 20-45 USD, ==> Cheap but maybe complicated to manage a project. in Eastern Europe 25 - 90, ==> best price than Ouest In Ouest Europe : 45 - 90 ==> in North America 70 -150 ==> Equivalent to the Ouest After, depends on 3 things about the price : Experience with the technology. Experience with the CMS Now, the other question, it's for the shopowner, Do you think the price/hr is correct? What are you ready to pay for a service/hr.
  11. Nice view Could be integrated into next release or current? @burt
  12. Hello, You have another solution, download the DB via PHPMyAdmin manually Go in catalog/includes/configure.php , admin/includes/configure.php fill manually. It must work if everything is correct in localhost/..../install/install.php?step=2 you will have your path if you do not know and to include in configure.php
  13. Gyakutsuki

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    For some security reason, some provided have decided to lock sendmail. In this case, you must use the smtp function to send your email.
  14. It seems this constant do not exist : MODULE_CONTENT_IN_CATEGORY_LISTING_DISPLAY_ROW_SM maybe there is something close, look the files in relation. That's why you have a warning.
  15. Gyakutsuki

    Vendor Login

    @LeeFoster To make something in B2B, it's not so simple, some sql request must change, some function and classes must be changed. It's a big work, it's not to add just a module. It's more complex. Osc is correct for the B2C, as I said, there is some other e-commerce solution has this function very well implemented.