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  1. @valquiria23 I have a conversation by email about that with JC. This is this contribution and I let him to decide what it wants to propose or not. If JC wants help because it has a problem, it can ask. I will be there. ('same with my little time !!)
  2. @valquiria23 I don't look a code. It's just a critic to improve the modules. Mappy proposes to make a specific cookie because every shop owner has their needs. It can be an orientation also. There is no one way
  3. Nice but you forgot something very important. The customer must approve or not approve script like google analytics, facebook, twitter ...... ! You must include a modular approach by hooks to allow the coder to develop their own module.
  4. Gyakutsuki

    PHP MVC Frameworks for Website Development

    It depends of your knowledge. Some solutions use different method to help the coder or the shopowner to maintain the solution. osCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, ClicShopping, openCart, Drupal... have their own approach. You have the choice. Now you focus is on the code, graphism or to create new module. In function of that, you can eliminate the solution you don't want.
  5. Gyakutsuki

    Is version 3 in production?

    For the v3.0, you can look opencart, the is based on this version (first version). Now, a migration has been made on symphony framework, I think. There is no add on osCommerce or apps about the v3.0. but you can find little development on github. Harald use the v3 for oscommerce.com and also for the apps marketplace.
  6. @burt No at this time. the conditions are no good in my sense. HPDL has leadership for me and nobody knows what he wants to make in the future. I will continue to help people in function my little time and request. I did just notice that each thread does have a star rating 1-5. ? No, it doesn't have sense, the answer has a sense. After something can be made with experimentation with StackOverflow approach.
  7. @burt It could an option. Let the code inside the thread is another option but the people has no time to recreate the code, portion is good If someone has a problem inside this add on, it can says : Ok, I have a problem like that, could you help me ? See square thread for example. Another point if someone thinks to have enough knowledge it can say at a beginner, ok for this module, I will take the community leadership and help you. If you have a problem, some others can merge.
  8. Quality depends what do you want to include ? Code or not, idea or not. Code : You can have a professional code make without OsCommerce knowledge Professional coder knowing the osC ecosystem. It's not the same thing, not the same approach but in the both of case, the code is well coded. Bad or good rating ? Beginner: You have people want to start to know php, people want to start and try change something inside the shop and at the end to share. Always bad rating ? Value : Again depends on the definition : For one can be nice, for another can be nothing. Bad or good rating ? You can sell / create community add on, without no value for the shop owner, no ? A forum needs dynamic people and create activity and attract some other people. Positive thinking, not bad thinking a forum must have. Do we have that ? Destroy someone because this participation is very important is no good for the forum (for any reason), it's no good for the community no good for the mentality. It's not a good sign. I prefer a rating like that : Works or not works with the lastest core : Yes / No. (In this case the script must be rewritten. All the script has obsolescence). Coding osC ecosystem ready : Yes / No Core modification : Yes / no The best approach is to create a thread, write a little comment and ask the community to verify the add on is correct or not. Some people can test, some people can look the look the cde and make comment. Collaboration, share, positive attitude is the best to create a dynamic. After a beginner can contact a "professional" by email and can ask to advise by a comment on the forum.
  9. - The price doesn't change, I was always like that, but I updated because there is misunderstood about the terms it was a guarantee in fact during 2 months. - Second, I have nothing of special like you said. I make a specific job based on 2.4 and I am the only one to do that because I am tired of what happens for long time and to wait the 2.4 not finished. This decision has been made of that essentially, but also I know it's impossible to make something because no people want to take time, long time.... But you know that with ...... That's all and it's completely protected (just in case of someone want to copy my job without to respect the trademark out and inside of the soft, no joking on that !!!). At the end : everything is open - Third: I have lot of stock and I have not injected all. I take inspiration of some people and competitor marketplace - Your inspiration is correct on this module and congratulation There is a value on this module.
  10. @Burt No the price is only 20 €. Sorry guy. You have not understood the concept of the renew. The terms is no good because it's a guarantee. This modules has been made a long time ago and I insert every day new modules. But some elements could be new inspiration ! Agree for that But it's not a fork on 2.3.x
  11. Gyakutsuki

    Laravel Ecommerce System

    It is not true that with Shopify you cannot customize. Good to know
  12. Gyakutsuki

    Laravel Ecommerce System

    Honestly things don't change that much that fast. Depend where you are, compare the of osc2.3 and now. it's another world, that 's why some programmer does not come here and the activity decrease. The professional investment are now on Laravel, symphony ... If you propose another technology, the professional must evaluate the time to invest and know the solution compared to where is this expertise. Some conversations go in this sense in the meetup. .
  13. Gyakutsuki

    Laravel Ecommerce System

    Magento stores on an AWS micro or Digital Ocean $10 instances The case of there is a hosting platform, the price is less. It's very good when you start a new e-commerce and you don't want to know the technics. Shopify has a nice success on that. The problem appears when you start to make some money when you begin to have some visitors or a specific need in function of your business model. It's always the same thing, when you begin to have more success you want to improve the production and competivity. For that, you must customize the tool and the problem begin. It's right the tool has now an upgrade, wordpress system is very good under the condition your respect to not change anything inside the tool. the current osc2.3.x does'nt allow that. The 2.4 yes but ... In summary, there is always an advantage and an inconvenient. Now what is acceptable for you ?