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  1. Yes, for 2.4, a nice api to optimize the images on the fly without quality lost !

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    2. Gyakutsuki


      All the project on Osc is dead apparently, I regret that. I decided to make the job and the 2.4 works very fine, I developed lot of application, modules, hooks, without core modification. Some surprised are coming.

    3. valquiria23


      Hi @Gyakutsuki

      If it is very sad what happens to OSC. Well I congratulate you for your work I would love to know a little more about your work, so I'm waiting for surprises!

      Best regards,


    4. Gyakutsuki


      Yes me too. Just I can tell you, the time to make that is very very important,
      follow me :)

  2. I hate the api payment use the silent mode !! 🤬

  3. @chuntse multiple checkbox selections does'nt work Inside products info, the option must be completely rewritten, because you must take in consideration the option is a checkbox or dropdown in function the options But this is the shopping cart where the most of the work must be change (big change), process, shipping (like paypal ....). Also, it's important to understand how osc works with the Db to resolve the problem For 2.4, HPDL has deleted this element, I understand that, the repercussion is too important inside osc. It must be manage by a class because there is a lot of identical code in some files inside osc. Atributes Admin must be rewritten and it's better to include a new concept like the 3.0 or like openCart and inject this element inside the product creation. The system is too old in summary or you must break lot of elements inside osc
  4. 2.4 - Again 1-2% to have full back office under App.

  5. Fight again bank return url 😡

  6. For me I am testing a new shopping cart called clicshopping, it's easy to choose what you want display or not and customize it. Also, the subscription is a little bit different. All system has a different approach to the funnel. That I know, it must clear and help the customer to finish this order. If a customer wants to buy a product, 1 or 5 step it's not a problem if all his clear, simple to understand; Some website doesn't make this approach and the customer after is lost inside the funnel and stop the process.
  7. They are 3 things to take in consideration. One for the customer account, it can be included inside the core and to be modular Second out of the customer account, in this case, it's better to have an add-on could be downloaded because it can be some consideration to take. use google analytics or not, Facebook ..... Every Thing is specific. for every shop. I make a contribution available on the forum tarteauxcitrons and recommended by the French CNIL. This script could be interesting. 3 Allow the administrator to satisfy a customer request.
  8. 2.4 Capacities to import osc2x, creload, wordpress, zencart, opencart, prestashop.... Module could be easy created

  9. Dynamic GRPD make for 2.4 and very modulable! 

  10. 2.4 Full B2B integration make

  11. 2.4 easy export database for 2.4.x make and other shopping cart like Creaload, Zencart, Opencart. So you can make than you want to import the data other shopping cart

  12. 2.4 Conversion weight is now included  kg, pouds, ounce ... is not problem now ! More news coming !

  13. 2.4 inject hook capability inside html code for the most important files. Customize where you want without to touch the main files.

  14. @tgely I think important to take this rules. In case you approach does'nt work, It's important for all customer can accept or not the cookies You said cookies? With the GDPR, it is no longer possible to indicate on a site the following type of message "by visiting our site, we consider that you accept the use of cookies". You will now have to ask permission for each of the cookies used on your e-commerce site. On our side, we will also update our cookies policy on the SendCloud site and ask permission from all our users to store their cookies during visits to our site.
  15. @tgely I suppose is not yet finished, it must have on the website a popup to accept or not the element ? Is it you idea at the end ?