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  1. Thank you, that did it. I removed the zone and the error dissapeared.
  2. The new price/cost table is 1:500,500:500,1000:1000,2001:1500,3001:2000,6000:2500,7000:3000 unfortunately I don´t have the old ones anymore. I deactivated the module and installed price per item and I´m still getting the same error. I modified the states so you´d choose them from a drop list instead of typing them in case that was the problem, and still nothing. I deleted everything country, zones and then input thenm again and nothing. The php version didn´t change that I know off; either way I tested it in php 5.3 till 5.6 and 7 Still nothing works! I´m just baffled by this cause I´ve seen other people with the same error in google search results but there´s no solution reported in any of them
  3. No, I get the error no matter the cost of teh items selected in the cart
  4. Out of the sudden I´m getting this error on an oscommerce installation that had been working withoutt an issue for probably a year: Currently Shipment is not available for the selected shipping address. Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase. According to my client the only thing he changed was the shipping rates to 1:500,500:500,1000:1000,2001:1500,3001:2000,6000:2500,7000:3000 I´ve deleted the moduled, installed it again and nothing. The zones are set correctly. And I´ve noticed the oddest thing happening if i reload the page with the error it disappears. Help me please, I can´t figure out what´s happening! :(