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  1. Hi, Tonight I did the replace of the functions and it solved the problem. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The site is setup for special characters. But in this page I had not the correct translation file. I could not find a post with the same issues. I see posts with issues with special characters, but they are no problem. I changed the translation, but there is no difference. I noticed that when I type an comma after Gedichten that the products with gedichten, are showed. Now I have set Short Description Offset to 0, then much more is found. Why is that? Regards.
  3. Hi, I am testing this search addon. I have a few problems when searching in descriptions. In the attached files: When I search for Songs (in 1. Songs.jpg) you can see, the word before songs is Gedichten. When I search for Gedichten, I get no matches (see 2. Gedichten.jpg). Why couldn't found it 'Gedichten'? An other thing: When I search for Oorlog, I get no matches. But searching to Oorlogs, I found 13 results. Why Oorlog is not working? My settings are: Search in Description: true, Show Description in Results: part, Short Description Lenght: 200, Short Description Offset: 20. Regards, Gerrit