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  1. whereditgo

    Authorize.net: suddenly can't connect

    Same problem also for the last 2 days. I don't know where to look to figure it out. Anybody? Cyndi
  2. I have just installed this contribution to my test site and don't know what I've done wrong. Everything is working fine, but my product pages don't look like the screenshots. I have the description of my item, then on the right the image, and then below that to the left, the avaiable options. How do I close the space up between the description and the options. If you want you can take a look, this is a test site, and I hope it's allowed. My Webpage Thanks, Cyndi
  3. whereditgo

    Master Password v1.0 by Acheron

    I got the same error, but if you read above, it says you can change it to any number. I did that and it ran. Also, like said above put your password where it says 'yourpassword' Cyndi
  4. I've had this installed since June and haven't really worried about this, but now it's getting to be a headache. Anyway, when I installed this contribution, the meta info boxes got put in the center of the product entry page instead of at the bottom. The only thing this affected was, is now there is no place to input the stock level. Somehow, I covered it up, but I was so happy to have it working, I left it. Now I need to fix this. Does anyone know what code I need to put back in to get my stock box back? Thanks Cyndi
  5. whereditgo

    CC module | More cards, issue number, ccv

    Does anyone know how to make the ez secure contribution work with maxmind. I like the idea of securing my customers info., but would also like the convienience of automatically running the credit card number through maxmind, rather than doing each by hand. With both installed at the same time, credit cards don't get through maxmind.
  6. whereditgo


    Here is the thread on it, ikobo thread
  7. I am having problems. I am fairly new to oscommerce, but have been able to install some contributions already. This confuses me "Add the included files to your catalog/includes/modules/maxmind". When I go to upload the files, I don't see maxmind in the module area, so where do I upload them to? Also, I have EZ" Secure Order & Customer Viewing for osCommerce contribution installed that encrypts the credit card data, could this be a problem. I did run through the installation once and just uploaded the maxmind files under modules. My site worked fine and maxmind showed up under the credit card orders in the admin section, but when I ran through the checkout process with my credit card, I got this error "Warning: main(includes/modules/maxmind/CreditCardFraudDetection.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory" in my checkout_process.php line 280 "Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/modules/maxmind/CreditCardFraudDetection.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php')" in my checkout_process.php also on line 280 My test orders still went through to admin and I got the emails, but nothing forwarded to maxmind. Can someone please help? Thanks in advance, Cyndi
  8. whereditgo


    I just started using them for international orders so I may not be of much help. The fees are similar to paypal, but the customer does not have to have an account. If you use the ikobo contribution, they are taken to the ikobo site, where they put in their credit card information. They do have a choice as to whether they already have an account, so it may be similar to 2 checkout in that sense. The only problem right now, is getting the order, so I am only using it for specific overseas orders where I already know the order. The IPN contribution is not too far away, so I am waiting on that before enabling it permanently. Hope I helped a little, Cyndi
  9. whereditgo

    Complete offline cc mod

    I am signing up with propay and thought that the cc mod in oscommerce and the ccv contribution would work. Is this not so? Also, how did you lose 4 sales? Cyndi
  10. What I did, was check the competetors sites to see what they were charging. Luckily, I sell clothing and most fits in a shirt type box. We settled on $20, which so far we are breaking even on. Some countries are a little higher and some are lower, so it has evened out. I just wish I knew of a way to track packages going overseas with the USPS. Other methods are just too expensive, I think a package to Nigeria through UPS was going to cost around $90.
  11. whereditgo

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    I asked that question earlier and was told no.
  12. whereditgo

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Thanks so much for this contribution. I just installed it for a customer who is in a country that PayPal doesn't have listed. I ran through it and everything seems fine. Will know for sure later tonight.
  13. whereditgo

    Printable Catalog V3.2

    Hi, I am having a different problem with this contribution, but don't know exactly where to ask. I can't seem to add the link to the printable catalog in the categories area. My whole page dissapears when I do. Another problem I have is the width of the pages. When I go to print, only part of the page prints. For some reason my product names are stretched out instead of wrapping sooner, so the prices are cut off. I really don't know how I messed this up, since there were only a couple of things to be done. Here is the link to the catalog http://www.staciescloset.com/catalog_produ...images_full.php Any help is appreciated, Cyndi
  14. whereditgo

    PayPal IPN

    I just saw this post and I am having the same problem and cannot figure it out. Anybody? Cyndi
  15. whereditgo

    Loginbox_5.4a, please help

    I'm such a dingbat. I found it and fixed it. Cyndi