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    Arthur Bliket reacted to FCWC in Need Guidance - OSC with Import   
    So giving OSC another try.
    A mandatory must is  data importation (CSV) without the need for arbitrary DB ID#'s and all from a single import file.
    That means products with a matrix ( attribute/options)  do not need a parent product created then exported so that the product ID # can be referenced so that another file containing the matrixed item's can be imported using said ID as the reference.
    This also means a parent - child controller.  Which I believe does exist based on looking at Easy CSV Importer and also Excel Populate for OSC. 
    Both seem to be for version 2.3+ (2.3.3/2.3.4) based on release dates.  Using version's 2.3.3 .4 and 2.3.4.  Neither worked. Looking at install files - it seems they are for older versions?
    So can anyone who has said working point me in the correct direction?
    Which version(s) etc etc.