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  1. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    Ok, i confirm, working also in live side for my installation phoenix Thank you and excuse me again Enrico
  2. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

  3. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    I have italian translations for this module , do you want it?
  4. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    Excuse me! Ok i have removed all, starting from discount codes created, removed all part of plug-in of website (development side) and repeated the installation step by step another time, i believe the fourth time; i have delete the customer from shop. i have cleared all cookies from my browser, created new discount code, created new customer; don't ask me why but now work . I'll try to install also in live side now for confirm . Excuse me again Enrico
  5. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    Yes, have try before, but i have the same problem! Enrico
  6. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    Miss something that i don't know . this is the list of my hooks, maybe can be helpful progress progress_hooks.php progressBar N/A write css.php injectSiteEnd N/A siteWide jQuery.php injectAfterFooter 3.5.1 siteWide bootStrap.php injectSiteStart 4.5.2 siteWide styleSheets.php injectSiteStart N/A siteWide fontAwesome.php injectSiteStart 5.14.0 siteWide discountCode.php injectSiteStart N/A siteWide bootStrap.php injectSiteEnd 4.5.2 siteWide MATC.php injectSiteEnd N/A siteWide filterList.php injectSiteEnd N/A siteWide MATC.php injectFormDisplay N/A siteWide discountCode.php injectFormDisplay N/A siteWide discountCode.php insertOrder N/A siteWide noJs.php injectBodyWrapperStart N/A checkout_process discount_code.php DiscountCodeStandardIpn N/A checkout_process Checkout->validate_payment startApplication N/A checkout_process Checkout->prepare_payment startApplication N/A checkout_process checkout_surface->insert_order startApplication N/A checkout_process pipeline_surface->after startApplication N/A checkout_process checkout_surface->insert_history startApplication N/A checkout_process Checkout->conclude_payment startApplication N/A checkout_process pipeline_surface->reset startApplication N/A checkout_process Checkout->redirect_success startApplication N/A system application_surface->project_version startApplication N/A system application_surface->request startApplication N/A system application_surface->read_configuration startApplication N/A system function_surface->general startApplication N/A system function_surface->href_link startApplication N/A system function_surface->image startApplication N/A system function_surface->html_output startApplication N/A system function_surface->sessions startApplication N/A system application_surface->gzip startApplication N/A system application_surface->start_session startApplication N/A system Application->check_ssl_session_id startApplication N/A system Application->check_user_agent startApplication N/A system Application->check_ip startApplication N/A system Application->ensure_session_cart startApplication N/A system Application->set_session_language startApplication N/A system Application->fix_numeric_locale startApplication N/A system currencies->set_currency startApplication N/A system Application->ensure_navigation_history startApplication N/A system Loader->messageStack startApplication N/A system Loader->customer_data startApplication N/A system Application->set_customer_if_identified startApplication N/A system application_surface->parse_actions startApplication N/A system whos_online::update startApplication N/A system function_surface->password_funcs startApplication N/A system function_surface->validations startApplication N/A system specials::expire startApplication N/A system Loader->oscTemplate startApplication N/A system application_surface->category_path startApplication N/A system hooks->register_page startApplication N/A checkout Checkout->register_stages checkoutStart N/A checkout tep_require_login startApplication N/A checkout Checkout->guarantee_cart startApplication N/A checkout Loader->order startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation_stage Checkout->require_login startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation_stage Checkout->initialize_payment_module startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation_stage Checkout->initialize_shipping_module startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation_stage Checkout->update_payment_module startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation_stage Checkout->set_order_totals startApplication N/A checkout_shipping Checkout->guarantee_cart_id startApplication N/A checkout_shipping Checkout->validate_sendto startApplication N/A checkout_shipping Checkout->skip_shipping startApplication N/A checkout_payment_stage Checkout->validate startApplication N/A checkout_payment_stage checkout_surface->check_stock startApplication N/A checkout_payment Checkout->validate_billto startApplication N/A checkout_payment Checkout->initialize_payment_modules startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation Checkout->guarantee_payment startApplication N/A checkout_confirmation Checkout->preconfirm_payment startApplication N/A checkout_shipping_address Checkout->skip_shipping startApplication N/A after checkout_surface->update_stock afterStart N/A after checkout_surface->update_products_ordered afterStart N/A after checkout->notify afterStart N/A reset checkout->reset_cart resetStart N/A reset session_eraser->sendto resetStart N/A reset session_eraser->billto resetStart N/A reset session_eraser->shipping resetStart N/A reset session_eraser->payment resetStart N/A reset session_eraser->comments resetStart N/A checkout_success cm_cs_product_notifications->process injectAppTop N/A loginRequired tep_require_login loginRequiredStart N/A
  7. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    yes have done, but don't work .
  8. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    i haven't output of the discount at total order at the end of checkout; so i imagine have lost some part in the installations steps. and i'm investigating about .. sorry
  9. bitit.it

    Discount Code 5.3.2 phoenix in

    ok excuse me again i'll read the thread , but i have installed this module for stripe https://apps.oscommerce.com/EbCL1&stripe-v3-sca and is different form your code. in the core of isn't present this folder; in attachment , the screen shot about . includes/modules/checkout/
  10. ok Excuse me, for stupid question . in the installation instructions is wrote: 2. Modify the includes/modules/checkout/after.php file. -------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1. FIND: include __DIR__ . '/update_stock.php'; include __DIR__ . '/update_products_ordered.php'; ADD AFTER: // Discount Codes include __DIR__ . '/update_discount_codes.php'; but in the phoenix1.0.7.9 i haven't includes/modules/checkout/after.php file. i have tried installations but in the order total amount, i haven' discount amount output --------------- and for stripe payment, the file includes/modules/payment/stripe_sca.php is really different form the file of Stripe SCA Payment module for Phoenix i can't find the string // lets start with the email confirmation maybe the following code to add is only for email confirmations and isn't so important. but i desire fix it. code to add ( form instructions notes) // lets start with the email confirmation ADD BEFORE: // Discount Codes if (defined('MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_STATUS') && strtolower(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_STATUS) == 'true' && file_exists(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/hooks/shop/checkout_process/discount_code.php')) { global $OSCOM_Hooks; $OSCOM_Hooks->register('checkout_process'); $OSCOM_Hooks->call('checkout_process', 'DiscountCodeStandardIpn'); } somebody have some tips about? Enrico
  11. I. i'm tray installing discount code in phoenix- , i have a doubt for stripe payment, the code same too different; if i don't change it , the only difference is the confirmation email to customers , correct?


    If your file is unmodified and your store Phoenix, upload the modified file provided in:
    Otherwise apply the following modification:
    3.1. Modify the includes/modules/payment/stripe_sca.php file.
    3.1.1. FIND:
    // lets start with the email confirmation
    // Discount Codes
                if (defined('MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_STATUS')
                        && strtolower(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_STATUS) == 'true'
                        && file_exists(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/hooks/shop/checkout_process/discount_code.php')) {
                    global $OSCOM_Hooks;
                    $OSCOM_Hooks->call('checkout_process', 'DiscountCodeStandardIpn');

    Thank you .enrico

    1. raiwa


      If you are on Phoenix you should use stripe_sca_v1.1.0 and Discount_Codes_5.3.2_Phoenix.

      Then you do not need to apply any modification.

      Meanwhile, please post support questions for addons in the apropriate support thread (discount codes or stripe in that case).

  12. bitit.it

    No manufacture inmage

    ok, maybe this can be solve : https://apps.oscommerce.com/vqouq&manufacturer-images i'll try it
  13. bitit.it

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    Try whit sandbox, the end of registration return to https://www.oscommerce.com/index.php? .................................................. instead my ecommerce whit error on browser : {"rpcStatus":-100}
  14. bitit.it

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    Same problem for me phoenix