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  1. Aqua121

    CVV for cc.php

    :thumbsup: You're right, I didn't really want to hear this... :( I understand your point, but it's not my shopping cart, and I think it would be easier to convince the shop owner just to make some modification then to upgrade the whole cart. But I'll think about it. I'll have to upgrade another cart, too. thanx, anyways
  2. Aqua121

    CVV for cc.php

    I need to add a code to an older version of the osC - from around July 2002 - to collect CC CVV. I have found this contribution CVV for cc.php but not sure if it will work with this version. :blush: If anyone would have any feedback on this contribution, I'd love to read it. thanx
  3. I'd like to use html, inserting images when sending out e-mails to customers through the admin. Also special characters, like Ő ? ? ? ? ű and similar, but some comes out only as you see it here, too :roll: Could anyone let me know how to do it? It would realyy help me a lot. THANX