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  1. Minor, but annoying problem with the Authorize.net Consolidated 1.7b Curlfix contribution... Wondering if anyone has tangled with (and resolved) this: The link to bring up the CVV information via <A HREF="java script:CVVPopUpWindow"> on the checkout screen does not seem to want to work in Mozilla Firefox. It works in Internet Explorer, but returns a javascript error in the information bar. For the time being, I've just turned it into a normal HREF URL with a "target=_blank" tag so that it will work for everyone, but does anyone know what Javascript bugaboo is rearing its ugly head here?
  2. gadgetfox

    Register Globals Support

    Anyone here done any work getting the contribution "Authorize.net Consolidated 1.7b" (or any previous version) working with RegGlobals off? The trouble we seem to be having is that none of the entered credit card information is being POSTed to the payment gateway's process correctly. (A debug output shows the fields sent as being blank and we get back a "You need to provide a card number" error....) I've run the excellent investigation script provided by Richard in the v1.3 release package of the RegGlobals mod (and it shows several POST variables), but would naturally prefer to avoid hours of tinkering to find and fix (and break other things and then find and fix THEM, etc...) if someone else here has already got it all figured out. Thanks!