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    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    No it's not now that I've added this contrib, but was working before.
  2. Blowin

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Noel, I'm not sure if you were answering to my problems, but nothing worked. Changing the order of the sort did not make the subtotal subtract the gv. My problem with tax is that it is not being passed to paypal, not that there is double tax. Tax is not set up on Paypal...just on OSC. My problem with shipping is that when the order goes to paypal, the shipping amount is doubled. I have checked and rechecked that the over ride transaction button is checked in my profile on paypal. Gift voucher amounts are not being passed to PayPal and I'm guessing discounts wouldn't either but I haven't tried it. And I still can't add the checkout_process.php fix without getting various errors...as I mentioned, they are different everytime I try to implement the fix. Everything was working fine with PayPal until I added the contrib, so I'm positive that the issues housed within me implementing this contrib and not PayPal itself. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Blowin

    PayPal double charging shipping

    Ummm...so does that mean yours is working fine? If so, can you help me fix mine?
  4. Hi... I just installed this contrib and I'm finding that PayPal is double charging shipping fees. I do have the box checked to allow transaction-based shipping settings to override profile settings on my PayPal profile, but it's still doubling the charge. Any ideas of how to fix this?
  5. Blowin

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Ok...now I'm having multiple problems. 1. When my order goes to PayPal, the shipping doubles despite having the transaction over ride checked off. 2. Taxes do not get passed to PayPal. 3. Gift voucher amounts that show up properly on my checkout page to not get passed to PayPal. 4. Following Noel's suggestions a few posts up from this one, I set my order total sort to 1. Shipping, 2. Discount Coupons, 3. Gift Certificates, 4. Subtotal, 5. Tax, 6. Total. Everything shows up in the proper order, but the subtotal does not calculate the subtotal...it just gives the prices (totaled) of whatever has been ordered...no shipping added, no discounts subtracted, etc. The total at the bottom is correct, but this could be really confusing to the customer. 5. When I try to apply the checkout_process.php fix mentioned in Noel's post, I get various errors...the error changes each time I do it. 6. Now that I've added this contrib (it didn't do this before) no matter how many times I log off or take everything out of my cart and start a new order, my gift voucher balance keeps showing up without giving me the option to tick the box to use it. It is automatically there whether I wanted to use it or not! UGH!!!! Please help!!!
  6. Blowin

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi... I just installed this contrib and I'm finding that PayPal is double charging shipping fees. I do have the box checked to allow transaction-based shipping settings to override profile settings on my PayPal profile, but it's still doubling the charge. Any ideas of how to fix this?
  7. Blowin

    Installing /shipping/zones.php

    I get the first error quite often. When I do, I've found if I save the file I'm changing to my local computer and then upload it, it works for some reason. Not sure that will work for you, but it always works for me...
  8. Clarification for my original problem: I am using table shipping based on price and NOT weight. I don't know the weight of my 1000+ products, so weight is not really an option for me to use. I have set the weight on the gv to 0 and a couple of products to 1 just to see what would happen based on other posts here. I turned downloads to true. What happens is that when I purchase only a gv, no shipping shows up (perfect!). But if I purchase a regular item with a gv, shipping is charged based on the total value of both items (not so perfect!). Strider had made a post somewhere around pg 83 about adding a line of code to the table.php file in includes/modules/shipping but this didn't work either, in fact it didn't do anything that I can tell. After reading all of the pages of this forum line I havn't seen any answers. What can I do to make it so shipping is not calculated on gvs and still use my price based table shipping?
  9. I have one more problem. The emails that are sent out when a gift voucher is purchased or emailed to another person are supposed to contain a link back to the site. The link is there, but it's not linked as in you can't click on it and get to the site. How do I fix this and where?
  10. Blowin

    Another Problem

    When the system sends out an email either alerting the customer that they've purchased a gift voucher or that someone has sent them one, the link in the email isn't a link that the customer can click on...how do I fix this?
  11. I have the credit calss & gift voucher module and it's working great to the best of my knowledge! I have encountered one small problem. If someone purchases a gift voucher from my store and that's the only thing that they purchase, they are still billed shipping charges when they check out. They shouldn't be billed shipping charges at all because it's getting emailed to them. How do I fix it so there is no shipping charges added for gv orders?
  12. Hi all... I have installed the Additional Shipping Options for Zone Module contrib. It installed fine I believe. US addresses and Canadian addresses all work fine, however, when I try to test an international address in check out, it says that there are no available shipping options for that country. I have definitely included the country in the zones list in the shipping module page. In fact, one of the addresses I tested was in Mexico and I have Mexico and Canada in the same zone. Canada works, but Mexico does not. I cannot for the life of me figure this out. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!