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  1. tmcca

    Updated Stripe payment module

    Well I see it hasn't been updated in awhile. Looking to see if I can do it. Weird thing I changed the API version in oscommerce and no errors. Not sure why? Also should use v3 for Stripe.js currently it's using v2. Hopefully, someone also would add ApplePay and Bitcoin functions as well. The whole thing probably has to be rewritten for instance the new API uses this to create customer: @Harald Ponce de Leon any news on updating Stripe? \Stripe\Customer::create(array( "description" => "Customer for olivia.smith@example.com", "source" => "tok_visa" // obtained with Stripe.js )); description would be the customers email; source I think would be $token
  2. Is there or is anyone working on a One Page checkout for bbootstrap?
  3. Can this be configured for certain products not returnable? Some products on my store cant be returned.
  4. tmcca

    What is the best payment solution for BS Edge

    To be honest you want A+ but A- is good too.
  5. tmcca

    Updated Stripe payment module

    I think in works like Braintree. I think all of these will be apps like paypal instead. Love to see ApplePay, Bitcoin added
  6. tmcca

    SHipping by zip code and price?

    @burt I am new to php and beyond my capabilities :(
  7. Ok I setup zones New Jersey and Maryland if price is 0 to $30 charge $6.95 price over $30 charge 27% of order_total over $100 free
  8. ok got ya; Ok I setup the following: Tax Zone Shp: Zone 8 Then inserted New Jersey to test In mzmt.php Geo Zone 6Enable this method for the following geo zone. Shp: Zone 8Geo Zone 6 Table ModeThe shipping cost is based on the total weight, total price, or total count of the items ordered.weightprice XcountGeo Zone 6 Table IconThe icon of the shipping method. Leave blank if none.Geo Zone 6 Table Title in EnglishThe title of the shipping method in English. EconomyGeo Zone 6 Handling FeeHandling Fee for this geo zone. 0Geo Zone 6 Shipping Table 1Shipping table 1 for this geo zone 0:6.95,30:27%Geo Zone 6 Shipping Table 1 NameShipping table 1 name for this geo zone in English Economy I get the following: Shipping is currently not available for the selected shipping address. Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase.
  9. tmcca

    SHipping by zip code and price?

    I think prestashop has a module for this as well
  10. tmcca

    SHipping by zip code and price?

    Well cs-cart uses wildcards for example: ZOne 8 All Zip codes starting with 100* 200*, etc price for products under $30 $6.95 over 30 a percentage of order total
  11. getting this error in Bs: The file admin/modules.php appears to have NOT been modified. See the User's Manual for instructions.
  12. Is there a module that will charge shipping based on zone(Zip code) and price? Like Zone 2, Zone 3 etc