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  1. abdel77

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    hello everybody I have freshly installed the multi store contribution and I want to know if the pdf catalog work fine with the multistore. Because I have three different shops having the same DB and I think that pdf catalog contribution do not make difference between the various stores. How is it possible that it makes this difference between the various stores and then have three or more pdf catalogs. thanks in advance
  2. abdel77

    Master Products - MS2

    Hello everybody I would like to know how Is it possible to have a master product in slave and a slave product in master in the same time for an OSC2.2MS2FR For example: I have a master product digital camera with slave an USB cable and a Stands. It work well But now when I go to the Stand I would like to have the digital camera in slave. I want to know what,where and wich files can I modify in order order to have a link to my product in the Slave Box Product Best Regards
  3. Hi! I'm french and I have seen a translate mistake. the translation of the Paris series bouton BACK IS Pr?c?dent and not Pr?c?dant