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  1. Pura vida...eres tico? Why do you want force cookies turned on? I highly recommend not having this selected.
  2. wayoutpost

    [Support Thread] Wholesale Inquiries

    Have a look at the error message section of the file. There's probably a misplaced <td> or <table> or something. I don't have the code with me so I can't check it out.
  3. I am only using one language on my site, but this contrib should be language independent. Schaum, paste your URL here for me to have a look.
  4. I need to be able to download my sales information (model number, addresses, etc.) from the admin tool. I'm certain there's a contrib that does this, but I can't find it. Anyone?
  5. Thanks, Jack. I'm headed to South Africa for the weekend, but I'll install it early next week and let you know how it goes. Cheers from Mozambique.
  6. Hi Jack. Thanks for your response. I can't seem to find the autoemailer contrib. Is it titled something else?
  7. wayoutpost

    [Support Thread] Wholesale Inquiries

    Hi Jared. This is a great idea. Do you know if this will work with InfoPages? I have it installed and it controls my contact_us page. Thanks, Jonathan
  8. What are you using as your HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN and your HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN (you can find this in your configure.php file)? Also, do you have your COOKIE_PATHs set up properly? If your site worked before installing this contrib and you haven't changed the cookie_paths then they're probably OK, but it's good to verify. Finally, make sure you don't have any spaces before the first <?php or after the ?> in any of the files you had to change recently. This normally causes a blank page, but I guess it could cause a page cannot be displayed error as well.
  9. I fixed it by changing my HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN to my shared cert address (www.control-access.com, not www.wayoutpost.com - which is my HTTP domain). I have only "Prevent Spider Sessions" to true under Sessions. Cache is turned on. Despite the fact that I have "add category parent" turned on, it doesn't work. I also haven't figured out how to make the word "t-shirt" appear with the hyphen instead of "tshirt". Since most of my customers probably search using the word t-shirt it's killing me. Any ideas?
  10. wayoutpost

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Calmate, Zorro. This is very much on topic. I'm talking about the Paypal IPN page that appears before you are taken to Paypal.com to make your payment. The background of this page is white. I didn't have this white page before I installed this contrib. Sheez...
  11. wayoutpost

    MoPics 6 Contribution

    Hi Kitchenniche. There is certainly a way to prevent this. In fact, since you seem to have loads of text in your product description, I'd recommend placing the options before the description as well to make it easier for your customers to see that they're to select it before moving on to checkout. You'll have to enter your catalog/product_info.php file to change the order that these items display in your item page. I'm at work so I don't have my code here, but have a look around in that file and you should find where you can change the order of their presentation. Heck, I might even play around and see if the extra pics also fit better above your description. Good luck! Let me know if you have trouble and I'll try to visit again from home!
  12. wayoutpost

    [Support] Quantity Discounts

    Hi, this contribution works when the buyer uses Nochex to pay, while it doesn't work when the buyer uses Paypal to pay. A before-discount total is the amount to be paid when the buyer chooses Paypal. Any help? thanks for that in advance! :o <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I also have this problem. Has anyone been able to make this mod work with Paypal? thanks from Mozambique!
  13. wayoutpost

    Quantity Discounts

    Hello there. Try this contribution - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1159 I haven't used it, but it seems to do what you want. Regarding your shipping discount per item, why don't you save yourself some confusion and just increase the item discount per item at higher quantities instead of attempting to give shipping discounts. If you can do two things with one contrib, why not, eh? Better for stability! Cheers from Mozambique.
  14. This contrib is working quite well now. I apologize for all the frantic posts before, but my site was completely down. I have one question from you code jockeys. My shop sells t-shirts and the descriptions of my items (and, subsequently, the URLs in my shop) contain the word "t-shirt." However, this contrib removes the "-" so it becomes "tshirt". Ive tried changing the special characters, but I got no love. Does anyone know where I can fix this to make it so that the word "t-shirt" doesn't have the hyphen removed? Here's an example - http://www.wayoutpost.com/catalog/joy-divi...oser-p-253.html Cheers in advance!
  15. wayoutpost

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Greetings all. I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, but I can't seem to find it in the forums anywhere (maybe osc could use google for the search in the next forums release) :rolleyes: On the checkout_process.php page the default background color for the page is white. My personalized image for that page has a black matt and it looks horrible and very unprofessional. I'd like to make the background color black instead of white. Can anyone tell me how to change the styles for this page?
  16. Well, I seem to have almost everything working now. I had a leftover tag for another contrib in my application_top.php file that was causing problems. I seem to be having problems with logging in now. When I log in, it just returns me to the same login page and I'm clearly not logged in. I'll dig into it and see what I can find. If anyone else has had this problem and has been able to fix it, please let me know. I just turned on cacheing.
  17. Greetings all. I followed very carefully the directions for this contribution. It never allowed my index.php file to appear. In other words, when I link to www.wayoutpost.com/catalog/ it should automatically default to my index.php page, but I get a blank page (nothing at all...not even an error). I uninstalled very carefully (i.e. used all my backup files). The same thing is now happening. When I go to wayoutpost.com/catalog/ I get a blank page. I eliminated all blank spaces at the end and beginning of the affected files and still no go. The strange thing is that when I link directly to catalog/index.php, it opens and appears to be functioning properly. Why isn't it catching my index.php file in the catalog/ folder??? Thanks, Jonathan P.S. I have info_pages and infobox admin installed. this may be affecting things, but I reverted to my original files and it's still not working.
  18. wayoutpost

    Customer Add Product

    I have a t-shirt shop and I'd like for people (customers) to be able to upload pictures of themselves in our tees. I don't really want these items to be available in our catalog so I'm not sure this contribution will work for me without significant work. What do Empo and the other ingenius folk on this board think? Could it be easily adapted? Is there another contribution that allows me to allow customers to upload a file to a blog or discussion group inside osc? thanks!
  19. wayoutpost

    [Contribution] Infobox Admin

    Greetings all. I love this contrib. Many thanks for providing it. However, I seem to be having two problems. 1. The product reviews infobox appears on every single page, not only on the product page. Is there a way to fix this? 2. I seem to have Khaaliq's problem with my Product Notifications box. For some reason it's not appearing. I'll try to readd it manually, but to date it's not working. Any ideas? Khaaliq, were you able to fix this?
  20. Greetings all. I recently installed the add a customer admin contribution that allows you to create customer accounts in the admin tool. It works great. When you register a customer in the tool, it automatically sends the normal welcome e-mail to the customer, letting him/her know that their account has been created. Well, I created a specialized e-mail text for customers that were created manually by the site manager. I defined it as "it to the /catalog/includes/english/create_account.php file. Here's the code: define('EMAIL_ADDED_MANUAL', 'After a long hiatus and many arguments with our hosting company, Wayoutpost.com is finally back in business!' . '<br><br>' . 'As a previous customer of wayoutpost.com, we have kindly created a new account and temporary password for you. Wayoutpost.com, Your Dark Home, is back in full force. We have doubled our t-shirt offering from your favorite Death Metal, Speed Metal, Alternative, Punk and good \'ol Rock-N-Roll bands. Because most of our suppliers are international, we have the most unique design offerings. Your friends won\'t have it unless they bought it from Wayoutpost.com!' . 'Preview the new site here - http://www.wayoutpost.com/catalog' . '.' . 'If you make a purchase before the end of July, Wayoutpost.com will give you a 15% rebate off your purchase price.); I changed the code in the customers.php file (from EMAIL_TEXT to EMAIL_ADDED_MANUAL). Now, instead of the text written above, I get the actual words "EMAIL_ADDED_MANUAL" in the e-mails sent to newly added customers. All I did was simply change the "EMAIL_TEXT" reference to "EMAIL_ADDED_MANUAL" in the code. Here 'tis: $name = $customers_firstname . " " . $customers_lastname; if (ACCOUNT_GENDER == 'true') { if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['customers_gender'] == 'm') { $email_text = sprintf(EMAIL_GREET_MR, $customers_lastname); } else { $email_text = sprintf(EMAIL_GREET_MS, $customers_lastname); } } else { $email_text = sprintf(EMAIL_GREET_NONE, $customers_firstname); } $email_text .= EMAIL_WELCOME . EMAIL_ADDED_MANUAL . sprintf(EMAIL_PASS, $password) . EMAIL_CONTACT; tep_mail($name, $customers_email_address, EMAIL_SUBJECT, nl2br($email_text), STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('cID', 'action')) . 'cID=' . $customer_id)); } Any ideas? Did I screw up something in the definition?
  21. wayoutpost

    E-mail customer text not working

    Greetings all. I just realized that this contribution (create account) adds some definitions in admin/includes/language/english/customers.php. That's where I found the EMAIL_TEXT definition. it was confusing that it happened to be the same definition in the catalog create_account.php file. All resolved now.
  22. wayoutpost

    E-mail customer text not working

    Just a quick clarification. There is an apostrophe (') at the end of the definition statement. for some reason, I accidentally deleted it before posting in the code above. Sorry for the confusion.
  23. Hello all. I have an excel spreadsheet with customer information. However, my oscommerce database was hosed recently so I lost all my customer information. Is there a contribution to allow the importation of my customer information (i.e. create new accounts from a csv or txt file)? Thanks from Mozambique!
  24. wayoutpost

    Importing customer information?

    I figured as much, but I thought I'd check. To add 500+ customers manually will be a serious pain in the arse. Thanks, Jared.
  25. I solved all my problems using the simple to follow directions in New Fields with Easy Populate contribution. Thanks to Stuart Lawrence and the rest of the peeps that created that contribution. I've finally solved my three week problem. cheers from mozambique