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  1. Excellent contribution. I've got it set up and working well... but now I'm trying to add in-state sales tax to my (Vermont-based) site, and getting some trouble. I've posted about that here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=1&t=95981


    Could this contribution be messing with the tax zones in some way? Or am I just looking for excuses for my own foolish mistakes?


    I'm working on this as we speak, hopefully I'll find the problem soon but thanks for any pointers in the meantime...



  2. Hi -


    I'm building a site for a client who's #1 priority (sometimes I think it's more important to them than actually selling anything online) is to automate the process of getting a customer's order & shipping information into FedEx Ship Manager. (FedEx Ship Manager is an online tool that people w/FedEx accounts can use to enter shipments & print labels etc.)


    I've installed FedEx Realtime Quotes, which works great; but while it sends information to & receives information from FedEx, I don't believe any customer data is retained on the FedEx end.


    Is this true? And does anyone know of an established method for sending customer data (address, package weight) directly to FedEx Ship Manager on completion of an order?


    Any information will be greatly appreciated -



  3. Hi -


    I'm using the Fedex_Direct_2.04 module. It's working well, giving me a list of quotes; but my client ships exclusively by FedEx Ground Service, and this option (though it's uncommented in the domestic_types array) doesn't show up in my shipping options.


    Currently I've got 90 (home delivery) and 92 (ground service) uncommented; but only home delivery displays as an option on checkout.


    Any ideas? Does FedEx not recognize 'Ground Service' anymore?


    Thanks in advance for any help -