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  1. Hi all -


    This is a great contribution.


    I haven't found this elsewhere on this forum, forgive me if I've just overlooked it. I'd like to have my topmost links be images, rather than text. I'm trying to make a menu similar to the one here:




    See how the top links are rollover images, while the pulldown stuff is all text? That's what I'd like to do. I've just started looking through all the coolmenu code, but I'm not sure I know javascript well enough to figure out what it'd take.


    The top links will all be hard-coded, they won't be read from the database.


    Has anyone tried this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks -



  2. The data you receive is raw data (not an image) that needs to be decoded by the thermal printer itself.

    Jeff -


    According to Jay Powers (the guy who made the fedexdc class this module uses):


    Other than PNG the label data returned from FedEx is plain text. ?You just need to pipe it to a printer that accepts the chosen format.


    Could this be true? Or is he talking crazy talk?


    Let me know what you find out -



  3. Have you had any luck with thermal printer integration?

    Jeff -


    I haven't tried anything but plain paper labels. To try a different label, though, edit lines 139 and/or 140 in ship_fedex.php:


    ,1369 => 1 // printer type (1 is laser)
    ,1370 => 5 // label media (5 is plain paper)


    The options for each are:



    1 = laser printer

    2 = eltron orion (epl2)

    3 = eltron eclipse (epl2)

    4 = zebra zpl

    5 = unimark



    3 = Format 354 with doc tab information at bottom of label (4x6 ? thermal label)

    4 = Format 435 without doc tab information (4x6 thermal label)

    5 = Plain paper (PNG) - Supported for FedEx Ground and Express Shipping.

    6 = Format 354 with doc tab information at top of label (4x6 ? thermal label)


    Let me know how it goes -



  4. Does anyone know were i can change the code that would send notifaction to the customer and change the status to shipped instead of delivered? Is this possible



    Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments

    08/10/2004 06:00:52  Pending 

    08/10/2004 06:04:12  Delivered Scheduled shipment, tracking number

    I believe all you need to do is:


    - Add a "Shipped" option to the orders_status table with, say, an orders_status_id of 4.


    - Change line 333 in ship_fedex.php:


    [code[// ...mark the order record "delivered"...

    $update_status = array ('orders_status' => 3);[/code]


    Here, you'd want to change 'orders_status' => 3 to 'orders_status' => 4.


    I may be missing something, but I think that's all you'll need to do. This seems like a useful feature.



  5. How well does this work if you already have a daily pickup.  Also do you have some screen shots of how this works?  Let me know.  I may need some assistence installing.  :)

    I started putting together a set of screen shots, but haven't finished it up just yet.


    If you already have a daily pickup, you'll still get most of the benefits of this program: the labels labels and manifest created without having to reenter customer or order information anywhere, tracking data stored with the order, maybe some other stuff.

  6. When you use this module will it automaitcally let fedex know you requested a courier or do I need to do it manually

    and does the billing go in when I print the label or when fedex picks em up?


    and does cancel ship actually connect with fedex and cancell it there?


    When you request a shipment, it's sending the request directly to FedEx. You tell them the date you want the pickup, and they should arrive on that date. (If they don't, it's their fault, not the module's.)


    Cancel shipment connects directly to FedEx and cancels the shipment request for that package. (If there are multiple packages going out on that same day, FedEx should still show up to pickup the non-cancelled packages.)

  7. Your account number may be enabled on fedex.com, but it's not enabled on FSS, which is the FedEx Something-or-other Server. Never mind the client; they're talking about being set up with the online Ship Manager, not FSS.


    Get the FedEx account number yourself, call FedEx and tell them you need to get set up on their test server using a tagged transaction application.

  8. Oh, heck. Try replacing fedexdc.php line 309. It's currently:


    $fp = fopen('images/fedex/post.txt', 'w');


    Change to:


    $fp = fopen('../images/fedex/post.txt', 'w');


    There's no catalog/images/fedex directory, so I don't know why this would work... but it works on my test server.


    If you change that line & it still gives an error, make a catalog/images/fedex directory & chmod it to 777.

  9. I believe I found a conflict with multi vendor shipping & First Item $X, Additional Items $Y Shipping. I don't think it's so much an issue with multi vendor shipping though - I haven't really delved into it, but I think the first item $x module has to be updated to say "only items with this shipping_type should be included in the count."

  10. ------------------

    This transaction could not be completed. Please note the error message below.


    ERROR: cURL ERROR: 60: error setting certificate verify locations

    unable to process ship_ground



    Check the variables at the top of the two fedexdc.php files.


    $server = 'test'; // which fedex server to use: test or production
    $request_referer = 'localhost'; // base url for site, e.g.: 'yoursite.com'


    They should say something like that. You probably have to change the request_referer variable to an appropriate server name for your system. (This was the case for me when I had a similar cURL error.)


    I'll try to add some administrative features in a later release, though for some reason I found they were hard to access with fedexdc.php - I forget why though.


    Can only ship ground or home delivery in contrib ship_fedex.php page.


    That's because I'd commented all the other options out of ship_fedex.php, & forgot to uncomment them. The options start at line 472; leave as many or as few in as you like.


    manifest picks up customer placing order as send to name rather than shipping name when using another address book name and address.


    That's an oversight - I never messed with the manifest & address book entries. I'll try to make an update soon.


    I hope this helps, let me know how it goes -



  11. Still not there...


    Now, when I checkout with two items, one using fedex quotes, one using first item plus, I get a single line in my shipping charges:


    Shipping & Handling $1.00


    Is there any obvious reason why this would be happening? I feel like I'm missing the boat entirely somewhere - it seems no shipping method is enabled.


    I've set Multi Vendor Shipping to 1 (also "True" - it seems either is acceptable), and added to mltship.php:


       	 case "fedex":
         $rate = new fedex1;
            $mltQuote = $rate->quote('Ground Service');
      	 case "firstitemplus":
         $rate = new firstitemplus;
        	 $mltQuote = $rate->quote('firstitemplus');


    All other shipping methods have been disabled, and I've commented out the line

        function remove() {
         tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " where configuration_key in ('" . implode("', '", $this->keys()) . "')");


    ... from each of them. The database has been updated, and the proper (and different) shipping option has been specified for two products.


    I'm probably going to start the install over from scratch & see if I catch something, but I'm hoping there's something I've obviously missed. Let me know, thanks -



  12. The automated fedex labels contribution is an addition to the administrative pages that retrieves label data from FedEx.


    To use this contribution, you must have a FedEx account number.


    In order to get on FedEx's production server, you must contact FedEx directly. They will have you, uh, FedEx your printed labels to them. When they give you their OK, you can go live. These labels come directly from FedEx, so they should pass the test.

  13. Thank you for all the input. One thing concerns me - the line in the shipping modules is now:


        function remove() {
         tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " where configuration_key in ('" . implode("', '", $this->keys()) . "')");


    I'll try it, but whenever I see class stuff like $this -> keys () I always get nervous & think I'm breaking something somewhere else.


    At any rate, I'll post the results.

  14. Hi -


    My client does not want to give customers shipping options; the only way orders are shipped is by FedEx ground.


    Some products are oddly sized, and are therefore more expensive to package and ship than others. These products are priced with a flat rate for shipping. (Or, more accurately, using the "First Item $X, Additional Items $Y Shipping" module.)


    All other products will use the amount returned from FedEx Real Time Quotes.


    I've installed multi vendor shipping, which works fine, and lets me specify a different vendor for different products; but if a customer purchases a mix of products (with a mix of vendors), they're given a long list of shipping options on checkout, and are asked to select one.


    There may be other solutions, and I'd like to hear them; but what I'm thinking is that I'd just like to skip checkout_shipping.php altogether. Since the customer doesn't really have a choice of shipping options, it's not really necessary.


    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Or is there a different solution available? I've searched these forums & seen a number of questions on similar subjects, but no answers.


    Thanks in advance for any input,



  15. I am trying to incorporate the shipping module on my site. 

    I need to be to set up the module so that if the weight is under 5 lbs that the only option available is USPS and FedEx if its over 5lbs. How do I do this?


    Another question I have is, how do I set up the modules so that they can calculate the rates? At this time I do not have the FedEx option only USPS, when I downloaded the oscommerce package the FedEx option was not available. How do I get this? I do not have accounts with USPS or FedEx, is it still possible to generate automated rates based on weight and location of delivery??


    Please HELP!!!! LOST!!!!

    For quotes, you can use FedEx Real Time Quotes:




    ...though you'll need a FedEx account to get those quotes back. So maybe you should use Fedex Zone Shipping Calculations:




    ...because that doesn't get quotes straight from FedEx, it uses a table that FedEx publishes and you install yourself, or something like that.


    I think you'll need Multi Vendor Shipping to use both USPS and FedEx:




    ...though I doubt that can say which to use depending on the weight. I think it will require a little hack to say: if the total weight is over 5 lbs, use the fedex module; otherwise use USPS.


    I hope this helps,



  16. I'm trying to think of the best way to do this. The part of fedex1.php that needs to be edited starts at line 362:


          if ($order->delivery['company'] == '' && MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX1_RESIDENTIAL == 0) {
           $data .= '440,"Y"'; // Residential address
         }else {
           $data .= '440,"N"'; // Business address, use if adding a residential surcharge


    Where it tests for a company (if ($order->delivery['company']), it should be testing for whether or not your checkbox is checked (something like, if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['residential'] == 1).


    I don't understand php classes enough to know how to get that variable into the fedex1.php class... maybe you need to add another variable to the class, and just check for that variable? so maybe this isn't much help anyway.


    But that's where I'd start, that line 362.


    I hope this helps in some way...