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  1. I have two questions.


    1) Does this contribution require https connection to the admin side of your server?

    2)  When you ship through fedex ship manager i have signed up for the 10% discount rate does this pass through to this contribution?




    The FedEx servers require an https connection.


    This contribution doesn't do anything with rates - it just schedules shipments & makes shipping labels & manifests. I believe FedEx Realtime Quotes (which this contribution is currently tied to) will add whatever discount you've got from FedEx.

  2. RE:  Next steps with Fedex - What are they?


    Would someone be kind enough to walk me through the next steps with fedex.


    I have a working fedexdc module, I am on the test server, and I can print labels off of the test server.


    I received a certificaiton email from fedex with 13 pages of ground scenarios and 2 pages of express scenarios.


    Which scenarios do I choose?

    How many labels do I need to print?

    How do I run the scenarios? Do I place an order in my store, and then just enter the address info, weight, etc?


    Looks like there is some weird stuff in the scenarios that the module doesn't ask for like Saturday Delivery, Box size, Insurance Value, etc.  how do I account for that?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    It's a little absurd, I know. You really got to jump through the hoops.


    You only need to make test labels for shipments you'll be making. I took the easy road with this module, really - I built it for someone who was only ever going to use ground shipments, so I didn't test the other shipments to any degree. Of course, they all should work.


    I place a dummy order & enter the address info from the fedex test scenarios. For my first client, I just sent 3 ground shipment labels; that was enough for FedEx.


    I hope this helps. The confirmation process is a bear, it's true.



  3. after installing everything directly by the installation directions i got this when i go to my oscommerce/admin directory now: Unable to connect to database server!


    Can somebody please help me ASAP?


    Rich -


    The database connection is managed by catalog/admin/includes/configure.php. Check that the updates you've made haven't changed anything else in that file.



  4. The cancel button doesn't fully cancel shipments. I just got my credit card statement, and found I was billed a residential surcharge even though the package itself was cancelled. I'm also now being billed a weekly pickup fee, from when I scheduled a single pickup but later cancelled it.


    Is there some additional information we can add to the cancellation XML to avoid the fedex billing trap?


    This is nasty. Please let me know what you hear from FedEx, & I'll try to hassle them as well. As far as I know, the cancel request is sending them everything they need; maybe that's not the case though.

  5. FEDEX LABEL URL: https://gateway.fedex.com/GatewayDC

    FEDEX REQUEST: 0,"21"16,"Alberta"13,"64 Cumb"1273, "01"1274,"03"18,"5165656556"15, "Calgary"23,"01"117,"CA"17,"t2k1t1"50,"CA"11,""12,"Gabor Gorcsos"1333,"1"1415,"5.00"1368, "2"1369,"1"1370,"5"24,"20041230"1119,"Y"2975,"Y"440,"N"10,"1xxxxxxxxx6"498,"8xxxxxxx5"75,

    "KGS"4,"PremierShop"5,"2xx8 Pxxxxxxx Way NE"6,"NONE"7,"Calgary"8,"AB"9, "T2E8M5"183,"4xxxxxxxxx9"68,"USD"1401,"2.0"3025,"FDXE"99,""


    Server: Netscape-Enterprise/4.1

    Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 20:38:37 GMT

    Content-length: 78

    Content-Type: image/gif


    0,"121"2,"8027"3,"State or province abbreviation must be two characters."99,""



    Gabor -


    Thanks for that logging information, it's cool. I'll mess with it & add it to the module.


    Regarding shipments from/to Canada: someone named justken has posted a fairly extensive fix for this, starting around page 4 of this thread. More stuff I want to add to the module; but in the meantime, look over his posts & new code & see if it can help solve your problem.


    Let us know how it goes -



  6. Can someone tell me how to turn logging on, so I can capture the above info, and get Cancel working for all of us? Thanks !


    This is a new error - cancel used to work great. The cancel request doesn't include a date - and according to the API, it's neither possible nor necessary to include one.


    To show debugging information for a cancel request, in ship_fedex.php replace:


    $cancelData = $fedex_keys+$cancelData;




    // debugging
    	 if ($debug) {
       echo 'Cancel shipment request data, package #' . $i . ':<br/><pre>';
       echo '</pre><br/>';
       die('running in debug mode, cancel request not made');
    	 else {
       $cancelData = $fedex_keys+$cancelData;


    (I haven't tested this yet, but it should do the job.)


    The debug output doesn't give the information in exactly the format in which it goes to FedEx, but it does show what fields we're sending them, & what data. I haven't yet talked to them about this error, please let me know what you hear from them if you do.





  7. On another note.  Has anyone figured out a way to allow some items in their store to have No shipping charge (ie gift certificates, downloadable materials, etc), and other items shipping by FedEx?  I put the weight as Zero for those items, but it still comes up with a Fedex shipping charge.




    Here you may want to try asking on the FedEx Realtime Quotes support thread. I believe there are ways to do what you want to do, but this module doesn't deal with the pricing.

  8. Holy mackerel, shows what I get for not checking in now and then.


    Did you ever get this fixed:  "ERROR: FedEx Return Error 5012 : Account number not in database"


    I'm having the same problem.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks!  Charlie


    Make sure your meter ID is for the test database.


    Make sure FedEx Realtime Quotes is set to use the test server.


    Then delete your meter ID in the FedEx Realtime Quotes admin.


    Then make a request for a FedEx quotes by initiating an order through your store (to the point where you get the list of FedEx prices).


    Then try the ship request again.



    When you get this error, first thing to do is regenerate your meter ID. (This burned me recently, lots of hassling of FedEx until I realized that the problem was, not surprisingly, on my side, with a faulty meter ID.)



  9. Michael...


    Great Mod... got it working like a champ, after much head banging with FEDEX, but it is all good now.


    My question is that when I ship, it adds a comment to the order showing the Tracking number, but it doesn't notify customer of this addition.  What would I need to do to have it automatically notify customer via email that the shipment is on its way?


    Thanks in advance...


    Oh, and have a great holiday.




    Greg -


    I'm glad you like it, & I'm glad you got it running. The installation can be a real pain, I know.


    So have the customer automatically get sent an email w/tracking number? This is another thing that should be user configurable. I'm working on a rebuild of sorts, & will hopefully add administrative features, we'll see. If I do, I'll try to add this.



  10. I'm still getting the following error:

    ERROR: FedEx Return Error 1219 : Invalid package count or package sequence exceeds package count.



    Could you try changing line 270 in admin/ship_fedex.php from:


    $shipData[1123] = 'master_trackNum';


    $shipData[1123] = $master_trackNum;


    ...and post your debugging information again?


    Thanks -



  11. Another note - it's during the installation of FedEx Realtime Quotes that you'll be contacting FedEx to get added to their test server.


    Here's what you do (I'll add this to the docs shortly):


    - Call 800-810-9073

    - When you hit a voice prompt (the thing that says "tell me what you want" or whatever), say:


    "I need wep A.P.I."


    That will get you to the people you need.

  12. How exactly does one get on the testing server for FedEx?


    We call FedEx and they continuously tell us to send in a transaction code with the initial api conect.  They also have refered us to thick volumes of manuals that make no sense whatsoever.


    Please clearly outline what one msut do to get on a test server.






    Have you installed FedEx Realtime Quotes? The first transaction you make with that contribution (or this one, if I recall correctly) should ask FedEx for a meter ID; that meter ID will be returned to oscommerce & added to the Realtime Quotes configuration information. Once you've got a meter ID, you should be set.


    It's a little whacky, but it works. Let me know if this makes any sense.



  13. // handle Export from US - Ken Nov 2004 (More info: http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/regulations/forms/qna.html)
     if ($senders_country == 'US' and $delivery_country != 'US'){
    	 $shipData[1358] = ($delivery_country == 'CA') ? '30.58' : '30.55';

    This will remove the space in Alphanumeric (A#A #A#) postal codes.

    and add the 1358 UTI for exports from the US.


     	 case 'British Columbia':
        $state = 'BC';
    	 case 'Alberta':
        $state = 'AB';
    	 case 'Saskatchewan':
        $state = 'SK';
    	 case 'Manitoba':
        $state = 'MB';
    	 case 'Ontario':
        $state = 'ON';
    	 case 'Quebec':
        $state = 'QC';
    	 case 'New Brunswick':
        $state = 'NB';
    	 case 'Nova Scotia':
        $state = 'NS';
    	 case 'Prince Edward Island':
        $state = 'PE';
    	 case 'Newfoundland':
        $state = 'NL';
    	 case 'Nunavut':
        $state = 'NU';
    	 case 'Yukon Territory':
        $state = 'YT';
    	 case 'Northwest Territories':
        $state = 'NT';



    Ken, this all makes sense & looks good to me. Maybe get some more testing in before posting an update? I'll definitely add this to any updates I make.


    Thanks -



  14. - Where do I go to set my Fedex account number, meter ID and server URL?




    You have to install FedEx Realtime Quotes. This contribution uses that contribution's configuration stuff. You don't need to use the quotes themselves, but for now you do need to install that contribution. From install.txt:



    ## install FedEx Real Time Quotes contribution

    ## (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1462)



    - Is there a file missing in the download. Shouldn't have a file name fedex.php or something like this in catalog/includes/modules/shipping/



    This isn't a standard shipping module, so I didn't put it in the modules section. No files are missing from the download.


    I hope this helps -



  15. I installed as directed, but got this error in the orders section of the admin. I have not setup a fedex account as yet, could this have anything to do with it.


    1054 - Unknown column 'o.fedex_tracking' in 'field list'


    select o.orders_id, o.customers_name, o.payment_method, o.date_purchased, o.last_modified, o.currency, o.currency_value, s.orders_status_name, o.fedex_tracking, ot.text as order_total from orders o left join orders_total ot on (o.orders_id = ot.orders_id), orders_status s where o.orders_status = s.orders_status_id and s.language_id = '1' and ot.class = 'ot_total' order by o.orders_id DESC limit 0, 20


    [TEP STOP]


    Here it sounds like your orders table is missing the fedex_tracking column. Have updated your database with update_db.sql?


    I also get an error in the reports section as follows:


    1146 - Table 'island-racing_com_-_oscommerce.shipping_manifest' doesn't exist


    select pickup_date from shipping_manifest order by pickup_date desc limit 1


    [TEP STOP]



    This will probably be fixed when you run update_db.sql.



  16. I'm hoping someone can help here.  I finally got FEDEX to put me on the test server (that took about a week), but now when I try to process I get the following message:


    1146 - Table 'XXX.TABLE_SHIPPING_MANIFEST' doesn't exist


    insert into TABLE_SHIPPING_MANIFEST (delivery_id, orders_id, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_address_1, delivery_address_2, delivery_city, delivery_state, delivery_postcode, delivery_phone, package_weight, package_value, oversized, pickup_date, shipping_type, residential, cod, tracking_num) values ('', '13', 'Greg Jesse', '', '1145 Goodwin Road', '', 'Atlanta', 'GA', '30324', '404 869 9898', '', '450', '0', '20041130', '03', 'N', '', '470026620750')


    [TEP STOP]


    I have checked and I do have that table setup with the appropriate fields.  What am I missing?


    Any time you get an error that says something like TABLE_SHIPPING_MANIFEST doesn't exist (that is, you get an error that reads SOMETHING_IN_ALL_CAPITAL_LETTERS doesn't exist), it means you haven't written a "define" statement for that particular thing.


    You've missed this little chunk of install.txt:



    ## add to admin/includes/database_tables.php:



    // fedex


    // fedex eof




    I hope this helps -



  17. Ken -


    I think there's something about this error in this FedEx FAQ:


    What are the SED exemption formats?


    There are four SED exemption formats:


    1. Federal Trade Statistics Regulation (FTSR). These series of exemptions are used when a shipment is exempt from an SED filing requirement (e.g. "FTSR 30.55(h)" is used when a shipment of merchandise under the same Schedule B commodity number is valued at US$2,500 or less, and is sent from the same exporter to the same consignee on the same day and shipment does not require an export license/permit, is not subject to ITAR, and is not traveling to a proscribed country. Others can be found at http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/regula.../forms/qna.html - exemptionstosed).


    2. XTN. "AES + AES Filer ID Number + Filer's shipment reference number"


    3. ITN. "AES + ITN" (ITN provided by AES)


    4. Option 4 Filing Statement. "AES Option 4 + AES Filer ID number"

    My guess (which may well be wrong) is that it's defaulting to #1, when maybe it should be defaulting to one of the others - or you should have the ability to choose the appropriate one.


    Given these four options, does any one of them sound like it might apply to you & your shipping procedures?


    Let me know, thanks -



  18. hi spoot, gr8 contribution :)


    Iam using a flat rate(negociated rate) shipping for Fedex, i installed the cont which seems working fine. When I click on the submit button i get this error


    "Could not find a FedEx account number. Is FedEx RealTime Quotes installed and configured?"


    Should i install real time quote for this to work, i don't need real times quote since i have a flat negociated quote? Where can i add the fedex number directly so that i can get shipping labels.


    Rhytha -


    You do need Real Time Quotes installed, even if you're not using them. I sort of piggy-back on the preferences used for that contribution.


    The next significant update will get rid of that depency, but for now, yes you'll need to install both contributions.


    You don't need to have Real Time Quotes as an option for customers, but you do need to install it.


    Thanks for the kind words -



  19. Hi michael,

    Hey I wanted to say thanks again! - If you remember, I installed this FedEx contrib a couple months ago.  Since then, it has been working great with real orders and real customers ( www.BalBots.com ).  REALLY slick- I love it!  :)


    I do have a question, though.  I have a had a few customers that need an additional address line - for a mail stop or department number.  When this happens, it's a real pain because I don't really have any way to get it in the system to get it on the label!  It seems to be a general limitation with OSC, but even if I find a way to fix that, I'm worried that this contrib won't send the extra line to FedEx for the label.  Do you have any suggestions?


    Keep up the good work :thumbsup:



    John -


    I'm glad you like it!


    FedEx only accepts 2 address lines, which I think is the same for OSC, so the limitation probably goes all the way through the system. Is that right? Two lines?


    Anyway - that's FedEx's limitation. If that's a limitation in OSC (me too lazy to check) & it doesn't work in this thing, let me know - I think it should though.



  20. This mod is just awesome...it works so well, thanks!


    Is theer a way to make this read from a rate table?  I have negotiated some better rates, and need to download my own rate table.


    I'm glad you like it, thank you!


    The labels contribution doesn't do anything with the shipping price - that's all in FedEx Realtime Quotes. Try installing one of the table rate shipping contributions & using that as your default shipping option.



  21. I am testing this module today for the first time.  I have an offical Fedex account number...After installation...received this error:


    "This transaction could not be completed. Please note the error message below.


    ERROR: FedEx Return Error 110A : The login failed "

    Is the Fedex account ID same as the Fdex labeles(bill to Sender ID)?


    DO I need to configure Fedex Meter ID?


    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


    Thank you in advance!




    Jeff -


    You've got to talk to FedEx & have them add your number to their test server. I believe the contact information is in readme.txt.


    Later, when you go live, you'll need to talk to them again about adding your number to their production server. They'll want to see labels printed from your system.



  22. :roll: Am i just totally missing it, but is there an FedEx shipping module available that uses the FedEx APIs?  I've looked all over this site and on Altavista and can't find anything.  Any Ideas?


    This thread is overflowing with misinformation. I hope no one is spending too much time reinventing the wheel here. Have you tried searching for "fedex" at http://oscommerce.com/community/contributions?


    There are two that use the API: FedEx Realtime Quotes, and FedEx Automated Labels, which uses FedEx Realtime Quotes during the install.





    Both of these contributions make extensive use of the FedEx API. Both talk directly to FedEx's servers, and both are currently working.


    There are separate support threads for both contributions elsewhere in these pages.


    I hope this helps,



  23. Michael,


    From My last post...thermal printer integration... I came to a better solution. I now print the label and invoice on the same sheet and configured it to properly layout on FedEx form # 146525 which they supply for free. This way the leabel peels off and can be stuck to the package. Works great.


    That not why I'm posting today. Have you had any issues with closing out your end of day reports (or manifest) to FedEx. I don't see in the contribution were a string is sent to FedEx when printing the manifest.





    I like that sticker-label business, good idea!


    Regarding the manifest: is this something that FedEx is expecting at the end of the day? This contribution is set up to send a ship request on a per-package basis; but that's the only time FedEx is contacted.


    I see there's an "end of day close" transaction in the API. There are no parameters in it though... does that just tell FedEx that you're done for the day? It'd probably be easy enough to add to the manifest, just an "end of day" button of some kind.