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    Federal Express

    Hi - Just today I'm going live with a FedEx module I've built for a client. I'm going to try to package it as a contribution in the next few weeks, or month... if you'd like it sooner, you can look at a week-old version of the code: http://www.wrds.net/fedex_labels.zip ...or send me a note if you'd like some help. Michael
  2. spoot

    Country-State Selector

    Excellent contribution. I've got it set up and working well... but now I'm trying to add in-state sales tax to my (Vermont-based) site, and getting some trouble. I've posted about that here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=1&t=95981 Could this contribution be messing with the tax zones in some way? Or am I just looking for excuses for my own foolish mistakes? I'm working on this as we speak, hopefully I'll find the problem soon but thanks for any pointers in the meantime... Michael
  3. spoot

    Fedex realtime quotes - I need help.

    If you uninstall the fedex module (via admin), does checkout work?
  4. spoot

    Fedex realtime quotes - I need help.

    I'm not sure why it would break the checkout page like that. Have you configured the module correctly? With a valid FedEx number? If you're on the FedEx "test" server, try switching to "production." If "debug" is on, try turning it off.
  5. spoot

    Fedex realtime quotes - I need help.

    Oh, I see. For some reason I thought the username & password were for your administration pages. Were you able to complete the checkout process before you added the fedex module?
  6. spoot

    Fedex realtime quotes - I need help.

    The username & password don't seem to work.
  7. spoot

    Please, Please, please help us!!!!

    I think you were right about the table rate option being best. Try something like: 50.00:5.00,50.01:0.00 Something like that ought to work just as you want it to.
  8. Hi - I'm building a site for a client who's #1 priority (sometimes I think it's more important to them than actually selling anything online) is to automate the process of getting a customer's order & shipping information into FedEx Ship Manager. (FedEx Ship Manager is an online tool that people w/FedEx accounts can use to enter shipments & print labels etc.) I've installed FedEx Realtime Quotes, which works great; but while it sends information to & receives information from FedEx, I don't believe any customer data is retained on the FedEx end. Is this true? And does anyone know of an established method for sending customer data (address, package weight) directly to FedEx Ship Manager on completion of an order? Any information will be greatly appreciated - Michael
  9. Ah - beautiful. I need to set both width and height in admin for it to work - I was only setting one to avoid thumbnail skewing. So it works on my machine - now I've got to hassle my ISP to install GD. Thanks for this contribution, it makes a big difference - Michael
  10. Hi David - When do the images get resized? Is it when they're initially uploaded, or when they're first viewed? I've installed your contribution & am finding the same old thumbnails in my image lists. I want to trace my steps & see what's gone wrong... Thanks Michael