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  1. freakystreakefc

    20 reasons to switch to osCommerce. Reason 1 - Control

    I stumbled across this topic and I have to say it's good that you're outlining why people should move to OSCommerce. Sadly though, after a good few weeks since it's official launch, OSC4 is a nightmare to understand straight out of the box and also a challenge to create a store exactly how you want to appear and function. One main area where it fails is the documentation. There are a lot of features included which have no documentation on the official wiki page. The wiki is very bare-bones and most screenshots do not represent the actual release (on the admin side). We (the users) need guidance. This is totally new to the community. I'm impressed with the amount of included features and options, but when you look at them, there's no detail as to what they do or are intended to do. I have managed to work some stuff out myself but it was a long process. I understand this is a new project and there are some things that will be improved over the next year or so but this has been in development and beta for some time and I feel personally that it will put a lot of potential users off moving to the platform. Please don't feel this is an attack on what you're doing. I really like what you're doing but just if it was explained more with maybe some video tutorials. We haven't worked with this software as long as you guys have so we need more help.
  2. freakystreakefc

    Catalog/Category Pages

    What does this do? I was wondering if I could use this to display the categories (with a category image) on the home page. I've set it up, created a new catalog page and also included the widget on the home page but nothing is showing. Checked through the wiki and can't find any mention of this feature. This is the frustrating issue with OSC4. Most features aren't explained.
  3. freakystreakefc

    Dynamic text

    Any update on this please? Basically, what I would like to do is have a widget to display some text that can contain placeholders with the product name/model etc. So, for instance it could appear as this; 'The ABC123 ink cartridge fits the ......' with the bold text being the product name/model. Also, while I think about it, is there a way to show all the categories that the product belongs to? With each category name as a link to said category. I have done this before with the old OSC but with the new setup I haven't a clue on where to start, particularly as I've no experience with the Yii framework.
  4. freakystreakefc

    Custom templates

    This describes how most (I imagine) will be feeling when they attempt to start creating. I know that' s exactly how I feel. I'm beginning to understand a lot of how v4 works but it's still so frustrating to achieve even the most simple of tasks. Have to ditch my gogles in place of a fighter pilot helmet...
  5. freakystreakefc

    Custom templates

    How do I reskin/customise a template. There's so many options but no explanation on how to use those built into the theme designer. A video tutorial series would be ideal.
  6. freakystreakefc

    Custom templates

    I'm having trouble too. With no proper instructions/tutorials available, it's so hard to understand. Having a tough time just trying to change the colour of a breadcrumb background. There's so many pages or sections that aren't labelled too well so it's tough to find the exact page you need. I could easily skin/customise the old osc and I know that this is completely new (and improved) over it but... it's too confusing and hard to get around and do what you want to do easily.
  7. freakystreakefc

    Dynamic text

    Is there a way to add some text into a product via widget that allows the product name or something similar to be dynamically added into it? Is there a way to achieve this using a text widget and maybe some php code?
  8. freakystreakefc

    Session problem

    Has anyone else had this issue? Definitely when I add any product image that it instantly ends the session and I can't save the product with an image.
  9. freakystreakefc

    Quantity pricing on product Listing

    This is what I get for the default product listing view (tile I think it's called)
  10. freakystreakefc

    Quantity pricing on product Listing

    Hi Ivan, thanks for the screenshot but I have already done this and set up various quantity prices for a product. My question was if it was possible to show the quantity prices on the product listing page. For example: 1-1 £6.99 per item 2-2 £6.29 per item 3+ £5.73 per item rather than just showing the single price as it does now.
  11. freakystreakefc

    Image Gallery

    Ignore this please. I found out. For those who are wondering, simply upload the image you want to use to your 'Images' folder and the image will appear in the gallery. I still think there should be some picture section within the admin to organise and add pictures. Please view this as constructive feedback.
  12. freakystreakefc

    Image Gallery

    Just a quick question, where is the image gallery? How can you add images directly to it?
  13. freakystreakefc

    Sub Category Images

    Aha..... thank you. Is it possible to select a default view regarding the product listings? I would like to have the list as default and not rely on the customer to change view
  14. freakystreakefc

    Quantity pricing on product Listing

    I have a product with quantity based pricing. I've noticed that when you view the product on the product listing page, it only displays the single price. Is there an option or way to have a list of the various quantity prices available or have something like 'Prices from...' the lowest price (in my case 3+ products)?
  15. freakystreakefc

    Product descriptions

    I'm trying to display a product description like so: But my my product description doesn't hold the styling: What am I doing wrong?