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    SCH_001 got a reaction from Fredi in Adding Date Available to list view   
    Thank you all I have this resolved. If anyone wants to know the changes required please message me

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    SCH_001 got a reaction from Mac2256 in PayPal fees from the original transaction will not be returned   
    We now use the capture and authorize process from PayPal as we need to order in large items as required and some times there is a delay which triggers the customer to cancel and ask for a refund.
    From experience the customer can lodge a PayPal dispute for the withheld amount and as us the seller can not prove the item has been shipped to the customer the dispute will go the customers way and PayPal will refund the held amount. From talking to PayPal they suggest working with the customer to assist them in understanding why the PayPal fee component of the transaction has not been refunded.
    To date I have only had one customer file a dispute and that was for a whole $4 something WTF, but as said above they won the dispute and PayPal refunded it to them..
    Then you may ask why not add the PayPal fee to every order, my reply is our markup is already enough to cover merchant and PayPal fee's but not when a customer cancels..
    Hope this helps
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    SCH_001 got a reaction from Heatherbell in Hide products with 0 quantity   
    @14steve14 I was meaning a notify module that works
    @Heatherbell this is the one you want to try https://apps.oscommerce.com/cbG2E&stock-notification-bootstrap-version
    Let me know how you go
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    SCH_001 got a reaction from peterpil19 in Hide products with 0 quantity   
    @LeeFoster do you know of a notify module that works?
    If there is enough people needing a notify module I would like to contribute funds to get one made.
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    SCH_001 reacted to milerwan in Show PayPal fee in order total   
    You can't partially refund an order in case of return of product(s) or entire cancellation by the customer unless it is a non-recoverable product/service listed on the invoice.
    Hence the interest to include additional costs that are added to the total to be deducted from the rest if necessary.
    Do not be afraid to charge a processing fee, customers are aware that PayPal is not only a payment solution but an associated service that gives them advantages!

    If customers are not willing to pay fees to use PayPal then they are free to choose another payment method... 
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    SCH_001 reacted to Heatherbell in Shopping Cart modules - changes needed   
    You over estimate the abilities of shopowners. NNTR
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    SCH_001 reacted to BrockleyJohn in Customers bypassing shipping method   
    Maybe you haven't got instant update set up properly so they're not being forced to choose from your shipping methods. See
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    SCH_001 reacted to JcMagpie in Export orders into csv   
    First the attached Easypopulate used withinn last 3-4 months and known to work with Frozen.
    The CSV file simply use your phpMyadmin to import the data and see if you have any issues. It's much simpler to use and will give you error report if you have any issues with the data format. As allways test on backup db first nt on live db, then if all is good do on live db.
    oscom-easypopulate-BS3-Test V1.0.zip
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    SCH_001 reacted to BrockleyJohn in Quick Product Updates for osc 2.3+   
    version 3.1.1 is available for download from https://apps.oscommerce.com/Apps&XpKWd&quick-update-bs
    Sponsored by @supercheaphobb it includes options for working with prices including tax and adding a datepicker to the specials expiry date. It also fixes the manufacturer query error that @radhavallabh hit the other day but not the latest bug above.
    Update is simple - just copy the files. New options are added automatically when you access the page and set to default.