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  1. Hi all, whats the best way to handle phone orders when the customer already has an account setup?
  2. SCH_001

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Dont forget most countries now require the tax / vat number on invoices
  3. SCH_001

    captcha or recaptcha

    @Jack_mcs From how I read it " thus our outbound filter is blocking them " the hosting company has put a block on the domains outgoing mail which is not cool at all..
  4. @BrockleyJohn Non of the above. We deal in thousands of small parts for the products we have and at times we are just unable to locate images. We upload / update products using easy populate with the partnumber.jpg as the image name. We wget the images from the distributors and ftp them on to the server. Previously we would then go threw manualy updating the products which don't have images with our default no_image.jpg but now with the change above we no longer need to worry
  5. I found this from 2014 and it seems to have done the job, any comments if the code should be improved for 2019 You need to modify the tep_image() function located in catalog/includes/function/html_output.php Replace... if ( (empty($src) || ($src == DIR_WS_IMAGES)) && (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') ) { return false; } With... if (!is_file($src)) { $src = "images/no_image.jpg"; }
  6. Hi all in Frozen CE BS is there a way that if an image file is not found a default image can be shown So just to clarify the image name and locate is set for the product but the image does not exist on the server can I have the page show a default image? Change to below to this
  7. @14steve14 I was meaning a notify module that works @Heatherbell this is the one you want to try https://apps.oscommerce.com/cbG2E&stock-notification-bootstrap-version Let me know how you go
  8. @LeeFoster do you know of a notify module that works? If there is enough people needing a notify module I would like to contribute funds to get one made.
  9. SCH_001

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    Thank you to all. I now have a workable solution running
  10. SCH_001

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    @milerwan Using your PayPal fee module if I commented out line 84 $order->info['total'] += $paypal_fee; Will this still show the PayPal fee but not add it to the total? I am hoping I can set the sort order high enough that it will appear under the Total. and then changing the language file to something like Non Refundable PayPal Fee If line 84 is the incorrect line to comment out / change can you please point me in the right direction
  11. There is a lot of addons being done which should be core. Shop owners only struggle to get the setup to where it needs to be. A captcha or similar on account creation, PDF invoice, make categories inactive, order editor, back to top and master password are a few that come to mind for myself. Just 2c
  12. SCH_001

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    The rules here in Australia allow the seller to charge a fee as long as it's not more than the fee charged by the payment gateway. PayPal rules also allow for it.
  13. SCH_001

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    @milerwan can you point me towards your module so I can have a look.
  14. SCH_001

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    @JcMagpie Googling the issue seems to say yes you do, but not sure it worked for me, I recall @Heatherbell having a similar issue @milerwan I don't want to charge a fee on every PayPal payment as the fee can be quite high on some of my sales and I could lose the sale. Instead I have changed to authorize first and once the customer accepts the order ie accepts that there is an extended wait time or a substitute item we will capture the funds. I am working on making the customer aware that an order paid by PayPal if canceled after this stage that the PayPal transaction fee will not be refunded
  15. SCH_001

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    added this to user.css .btn{white-space:normal;}