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  1. Why comment like that Burt?! I appreciate everything you've done for osCommerce!! I just don't get why you've made a testimonial section in admin but no option for customers to submit one?! If the answer is you have to add an add-on then just say?! I only wanted to make sure I didn't miss an option!! It've seen the option isn't there so we add an add-on! You see how easy it was to say that?!
  2. how to access administration tool

    Do you mean like the admin area to alter osCommerce? It should be www.yourwebsite.com/admin
  3. I'll be digging out all my old stuff later, mainly my list of things to install on a fresh install that way I can I can work on that and then have a good copy and paste version with good add-ons on a basic install for use on multiple websites which saved me so much time last time!
  4. Thanks for the advice at the minute I don't have a hosting package but I will have next week and will move onto this once I have got it, just for this first week-10 days I'll use localhost. Thanks for the welcome back! I've always liked osCommerce, the package is great, add-ons are awesome and the forum has sound people and sound advice it's a great community!!
  5. Thanks bonbec. I managed to find the one I used to use which is EasyPHP so will give that another try and see how I get on again
  6. Thank you!! I will read that post in the morning am sure it'll be useful! Another question is what software do you use on your computer as a server simulator? (Really don't know what it's called, I did used to use a really good one but can't remember the name!) So I can install osCommerce on my computer without installing it on a "real server".
  7. Hi, Unfortunately things went tits up a few years ago and as such I gave up with my websites. I now want to get back into it. I was previously using version 2.2 (pretty sure anyway!) on many websites. Rather than go back to this version although it would be easier for me i want to dive straight into the bootstrap version from what I've read. Is there any pointers anyone has for starting back out and using this new version? Anything I need to know or any articles/posts I should read that could be of use just to save me time etc. Used to use this forum abit and contributed to the add-ons where possible and would love to get back into it like I was before!! Many thanks for reading!!