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  1. Hi, Am running edge and it seems the product images are way too big on the product info page. I've had a look in admin under images but they don't seem to be the right settings for these images? How do I change it? By the looks of it the width is set as 250 but I can't find this anywhere! Many thanks for any replies!!! Richard
  2. MySQL returned an empty result set

    Nope its sorted the inserting of options to the database was me being silly!
  3. MySQL returned an empty result set

    Right so I added the following to admin/includes/database_tables.php define('TABLE_SUPPLIERS' ,'table_suppliers'); That removed the error so I can add a product... Still got a database problem of inserting values but will look at that now before posting for help
  4. MySQL returned an empty result set

    Right I got this exact same problem again. This problem was first on my localhost and now that I have put it on a server I get the EXACT same problem. The table is created but still get "TABLE_SUPPLIERS' doesn't exist" have we any other ideas? I think this is the only problem for the website to be fully working now!
  5. Why comment like that Burt?! I appreciate everything you've done for osCommerce!! I just don't get why you've made a testimonial section in admin but no option for customers to submit one?! If the answer is you have to add an add-on then just say?! I only wanted to make sure I didn't miss an option!! It've seen the option isn't there so we add an add-on! You see how easy it was to say that?!
  6. how to access administration tool

    Do you mean like the admin area to alter osCommerce? It should be www.yourwebsite.com/admin
  7. I'll be digging out all my old stuff later, mainly my list of things to install on a fresh install that way I can I can work on that and then have a good copy and paste version with good add-ons on a basic install for use on multiple websites which saved me so much time last time!
  8. Thanks for the advice at the minute I don't have a hosting package but I will have next week and will move onto this once I have got it, just for this first week-10 days I'll use localhost. Thanks for the welcome back! I've always liked osCommerce, the package is great, add-ons are awesome and the forum has sound people and sound advice it's a great community!!
  9. Thanks bonbec. I managed to find the one I used to use which is EasyPHP so will give that another try and see how I get on again
  10. Thank you!! I will read that post in the morning am sure it'll be useful! Another question is what software do you use on your computer as a server simulator? (Really don't know what it's called, I did used to use a really good one but can't remember the name!) So I can install osCommerce on my computer without installing it on a "real server".
  11. Hi, Unfortunately things went tits up a few years ago and as such I gave up with my websites. I now want to get back into it. I was previously using version 2.2 (pretty sure anyway!) on many websites. Rather than go back to this version although it would be easier for me i want to dive straight into the bootstrap version from what I've read. Is there any pointers anyone has for starting back out and using this new version? Anything I need to know or any articles/posts I should read that could be of use just to save me time etc. Used to use this forum abit and contributed to the add-ons where possible and would love to get back into it like I was before!! Many thanks for reading!!