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  1. Thanks a million @kymation . Works like a charm, you’re awesome ! Just a small note, in case anyone else ends up following this thread and requires the same/similar fixes, I made the changes Jim recommended to the cm_fp_customer_greeting.php in the following directory : catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/cm_fp_customer_greeting.php and not in the catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/templates/cm_fp_customer_greeting.php. Was probably just a slight mix up.
  2. @kymation do you mean theres no customer_greeting(); call or no tep_customer_greeting(); call ? as I didn’t mention any use of ‘customer_greeting();’ Also the reason line number 13 is showing is because I had just deleted a few blank lines in the file as I have multiple editor windows open so it makes it easier to view without white lines :) I am using version 2.2.2 as well as the responsive code section, NOT the 2.3.x code. I apologise if my previous explanation was a bit confusing.
  3. hi Jim @kymation I’ve been through the error logs and it seems to be problem with the tep_customer_greeting definition. My error log: With the line in question (line 13) having I’ve checked english.php for a customer greeting field but there wasn’t a definition for it,I then added one in but this still didn’t work and have since removed it. Furthermore I think it may have something to do with the cm_fp_customer_greeting.php file located in /catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page which when compared to the ‘customer_greeting.php’ file in /Users/Desktop/LiveSiteBootstrap/catalog/includes/modules/content/index is much more different ,in the sense that I think it may need to be re-written for bootstrap edge ? The reason I think this is because of the syntax looking a bit like the old syntax I’ve noted in the MFP index.php file which wouldn’t work with Edge. please do let me know what you think of my theory. I have since tried to ‘re-write’ it but to no avail. Much appreciated Jim :)
  4. Hey @kymation okay thanks a lot that makes sense, I’ve just installed the compatibility add-on now as well as made the requested changes that you said I should and voila ! We seem to have some good progress ! The main page loads (as it didn’t before this) , but seems to be pretty blank. I know that most of the modules need to have some data to display in order to have anything to show, example the main text and "the Upcoming Products will not show if there are no future products in the specified time frame. This is the default.” so I know I’ll have to go add some stuff for that in order to make it change/display other stuff, but I seem to have encountered a little possible bug with the ‘Customer greeting’ module as when I set it to activate my site has all of it’s data disappear from the screen, like in the below attachment, any possible explanations/fixes?
  5. Hi @kymation My apologies on the delayed post( I was experimenting a bit) and on the following, replacing the code you had mentioned with that of the new MFP code actually causes the page to break and display an HTML 500 error, when I replaced the word ‘index’ below with ‘front_page’ , that was when the middle of the page was presented with blank data, whilst all the modules were turned on, or off for that matter. I’m assuming this would mean that the code for the MFP would need to be re-written completely ? You mentioned that if I install the compatibility add-on then most add-ons should work with the latest OSC Edge version, would that also work for the MFP then? i.e. install the compatibility add-on and then re-install the MFP add-on ? As always, much much appreciated Jim ! Kind Regards
  6. Hi @kymation I've tried the fix recommended but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. The page (index page) loads but the middle is blank, none of the front_page additions seem to show up at all. Also, would that mean that most add-ons for Edge will experience similar issues with needing certain pages to be rewritten to accommodate it? If that is the case, which version of OSCommerce with bootstrap would be ideal for a beginner to work on that will have the majority of add-ons patched for it already? Thanks again Jim, really appreciate it!
  7. Hi @kymation i hope you could help me, I’ve been trying to install the Modular Front Page (the latest version available for download) on 2.3.4 Responsive BS Edge but I’ve been having difficulties, I’ve replaced all the files in the relevant directories and have double checked this, I think my error is due to the index.php file. When I use the index.php file provided in the download, my store doesn’t load and I get an HTML 500 error, but reverting back to the old index file allows the store page to load but obviously without the Modular Front Page (MFP) additions From what I understand above, is the index.php file provided in the MFP add-on not converted to the bootstrap Edge version already? Does it still need to be re-written ? I’ve tried using the original index.php file that I installed oscommerce with and then replacing the above code that you mentioned with the MFP’s index.php additional code (quoted below) but now the page loads but without the MFP changes/additions. The content in the centre only is blank. Is this what you meant when you said the above code should be replaced , did you mean to replace it with this code? Also is there anything else that should be replaced/deleted as the installation document says that there are some lines to be added/deleted. If you could kindly assist me with this I’d greatly appreciate it. Please and Thank You ! PS: if anyone else out there has any helpful hints I’d really really appreciate it
  8. Hey @mdtaylorlrim Hope your online store has been moving well. I saw the issue you were having and I think I'm experiencing the same thing you were, could you walk me through what you did in order to fix it? I'd really appreciate it :)
  9. Thanks a lot, Jim, I really appreciate the time taken out to enlighten me. I've been very sure to place the files in the correct directories but still have had no luck, I will perhaps proceed with a fresh install and try again just in case some of the files may have been unknowingly tampered with, however as you've recommended, I think I will first attempt using the bootstrap version in the link you've provided and give theme switcher a go with that version. Thanks a million !
  10. Hi All I've just recently installed oscommerce and this fairly new to it, I've come across the theme switcher add on and wanted to know a few things with respect to using and installing it. I've installed oscommerce 2.3.4 but have come across a few posts on the forum about a bootstrap version? Can anyone shed some light on the differences and which would be better to use as a starting point to an online store. Also tried installing theme switcher (v 1.5.3) )by replacing the necessary files in the necessary locations but for some reason, I couldn't find the module on the admin page under header tags, it just wasn't showing up. Thereafter I replaced the files with the bootstrap version and managed to get the module to show up in the header tags section but, as expected, my layout and template got severely messed up. I've currently downloaded the theme switcher 1.4.4 version and tried with that but again the module won't show up under install new module, and furthermore now my site won't load at all, I can only access the admin page, trying to access my main home page chrome says that "this page cannot be loaded". Would really really appreciate it if some kind soul out there can assist in this regard.