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  1. ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi All I just wanted some advice on something, I installed SEO URL's and obtained this error: After which, I changed the cache system from sqllite to mysql and the error disappeared. So my question is, would changing the caching system affect how the add-on would work in any way? Significantly or insignificantly?
  2. HTML emails?

    Problem solved. Thanks @Omar_one :)
  3. HTML emails?

    @Omar_one Just tried that now again and the image still does not show up in the welcome email :( The folder permissions do allow access as well to the image
  4. HTML emails?

    @Omar_one I have not added anything specific. only html code in the 'EMAIL_TEXT' definition . Is there some add-on or so that needs to be added ?
  5. HTML emails?

    Hi @Omar_one I believe 2.3.4 Edge does not have that page. The email's content definition is stored in catalog/includes/languages/english/create_account.php. The rest of the HTML works fine, just that it cannot locate the image file (src). Any advice on that ?
  6. HTML emails?

    Thanks @beerbee I assumed the email system used in 2.3.4 Edge would've been more or less the same as that for 2.4. I've tried using the entire name of the site as seen below but it still doesn't load the image sadly. I'm not sure if there's any other reason or specification that needs to be met for it to read an image into the mail?
  7. HTML emails?

    Hi all I've been trying to insert an image into my welcome email when a customer creates an account but can't seem to get it to work. I'm not sure what the src directory for the image should be? That is: Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  8. Hey @frankl Thanks for the guide. I've managed to solve the problem! It was as you said a corrupted html_output.php file, which I managed to fix by uploading a fresh copy. I was still getting the internal server 500 error though even after uploading a fresh copy, the culprit seemed to have been the admin configure.php file. I had it was you had specified but it wasn't working for some reason so I decided to to a fresh install on the server and see what type of configure file it produced and voila that managed to solve the problem at hand. This is the current working configure.php format: where dir1/catalog is the directory the store is located in. Seems some of the variable definitions weren't required for the 2.3.4 Edge version. Once again thanks frankl ! Could not have done it without your expertise .
  9. Spot on with that @frankl ! Seems my html_output.php file was corrupted, not sure how that happened actually, but to be safe I've re-uploaded a fresh copy of my admin folder . Brilliant help as always, that helped me get rid of the current error, though I think my configure.php file may still be incorrect since I'm receiving an internal server 500 error, and I've checked and removed all .htaccess files so those shouldn't be preventing my site from loading. Could file permissions be one of the underlying reasons for this ? I'm currently looping through to see if I can find one that has odd permissions set on it.
  10. Hi @frankl Thanks for the speedy response. I've followed the format you've given me but no success. Below is the correct configure settings: and yet when I try to access :http://www.websitename.com/live/catalog/admin/index.php I still get the error Could it be that I'm simply trying to access it incorrectly ? I've also checked that I have no old htaccess file hanging around so that shouldnt be preventing it from being viewed ?
  11. Hi All I was really hoping someone could help with the problem I'm experiencing. I've tried to migrate my site from localhost to a live production server but can't seem to get the admin page to work. I've changed my configure.php files and the configure.php file for the main site seems to be working perfectly fine as I can access and run the site normally. However when I try to access the admin index.php I get the following error: Where 'live/catalog/' is the folder in which I have my site saved. I suspect that it might be something wrong with my configure.php file for the admin side but can't seem to grasp what exactly is incorrect. this is what I have currently: Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)
  12. Hi @aquaman Have you tried the correct credentials in your configure.php file? located in includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php . I had a similar issue and resolved it by changing server password and database name. Have you moved/migrated your site across by any chance? hope this helps :) Kind Regards
  13. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Thanks as always @kymation and thank you so much as well @burt , those superb photoshop skills actually helped me understand the design perfectly well. I'll certainly try and load the slider in the header and report back on the outcome. Hopefully it'll also help anyone else who'd like to try the same :)
  14. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi All I noticed that this thread also seems to be the help thread for the Banner Rotator Content Module for Modular Front Page (according to the installation documents). I've managed to successfully implement it in my test store, but was wondering if anyone might have some input as to how I can modify if such that the carousel banner stretches from one end of the screen to the other and the left and right columns will appear after/underneath it? this is what it looks like currently as per the attachment. The picture itself is small, so it doesn't highlight my point, however, I do have the content width set to maximum possible (12 in the admin options). Does anyone have any info as to how I could get this to stretch all the way across the screen and then get the columns to appear after? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Thanks a million @kymation . Works like a charm, you’re awesome ! Just a small note, in case anyone else ends up following this thread and requires the same/similar fixes, I made the changes Jim recommended to the cm_fp_customer_greeting.php in the following directory : catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/cm_fp_customer_greeting.php and not in the catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/templates/cm_fp_customer_greeting.php. Was probably just a slight mix up.