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  1. No full restore from backup?

    Exactly like i feared. In that case it might be wise to stop looking for the cause and just start over with the Edge version. Thanks for your respons!
  2. Hi all, I recently started building a new store with osc 2.3.4 BS Gold as base. After installing the usual contributions such as header tags seo, seo urls, modulair index and dutch language pack everything was still working fine. After I tried to remove the social media bookmarks however the whole layout turned messy. Even after i restored both database and files the layout didnt return the way it was. When I delete everything and perform a clean install the layout of the store is fine. If I overwrite the files and restore the database the layout turns messed up again. Oddly, if I restore this messed up version back to the base install (both database and files) the layout stays messed up. Shouldnt the backup of the clean install bring me back to state it was? It seems that the backup doenst include everything needed to fully restore, what am I missing here? I wouldnt even mind to start from scratch again, however Im afraid this could also occur when the store is live so I would like to know what im missing and/or how to fix this. Link to (messed up) webshop: http://bit.ly/oscwebshop Link to error log: http://bit.ly/oscoelog Link to usage log: http://bit.ly/oscoulog Many thanks in advance!