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  1. On 7/10/2021 at 9:27 AM, ruden said:

    alas, this seems to have made things worse rather than better. Now if i log in using paypal the window doesnt close and update the page, it just does the re direct on the pop up window.. also, it didnt make any difference to the payment page pop up. It still just refreshes and says i need to log in to pay (or use card details if i dont have an account) :(

  2. On 6/19/2021 at 2:04 AM, Demitry said:

    hi Erika,

    If you have not already, turn on your error reporting. That will help you to see via the error log what errors are being generated and you can better identify where the problem is.


    Hmm.. It doesnt seem to be triggering any errors. 

    On 6/19/2021 at 4:34 PM, ruden said:

    replace the code in the file /ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php 


    you can check on the demo site


    Ok, that now loads up paypal, but it asks the customer to log in again (im assuming this is because streamless checkout causes issues at the moment?) but then when you log in, it loads the option to log in or use a bank card? so it still isnt 100% right. any ideas? 



  3. 9 hours ago, ruden said:


    Here are fixes for all known bugs https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/tree/dev/catalog/includes/apps/paypal

    Copy the contents of the includes/apps/paypal folder to your project

    Thank you for this. I did that this today, and it hasnt changed too much, as far as customer side. I managed to get the log in working but now Im having issues with payment - I select paypal at the payment page, and it takes me to a blank page at the following url:



  4. Hi there, 

    I have recently tried to add login with paypal to our site (i believe its now called connect with paypal, although the code seems to still be discussed as its original name)

    I had to make a couple of updates with our oscom version - which is heavily customised - before I could even start. One of the main updates I made was to move the login page to the 'content' folder and appropriate admin page. 

    I have then added the login to the paypal app. 

    Now when trying to set it up we can the following error (regardless of sandbox or live) :

    "We're sorry This action isn't supported. Please return and report this error so that we can support it in the future. (invalid scope)"

    osc v2.3.4

    paypal app  v5.018


    1. I now have two configure windows in which i can add our Client ID, Secret PW and the information for the button, one in the paypal app and one in the content modules, The paypal log in button doesn't appear on the login page unless i have the content module active, and i'm pretty sure it's this one that is defining things like the button colour etc. Have I some how managed to get 2 modules trying to do the same thing?? If so, how do i get the paypal app version actually showing on the login page?!

    2. I can't find too much information regarding the error message we are getting. From what I have read 'scope' means the variables you are setting that the customer must supply? I have read things about not having telephone number or seamless checkout checked, but having nothing but the minimum checked seems to make any difference. 

    2b. I have seen mention of having to request approval from paypal before you can get it working, but why would we need approval for the sandbox? The information isn't particularly clear on that, it depends what forum you look at. 


    Hopefully that all made sense - thanks in advance :) 


  5. Hi - hoping someone can help with this one.

    what looks like overnight, the paypal payment option on our shops have stopped working (we have two shops, each on their own domain)

    the customer could select paypal on the checkout_payment page, but when clicking continue it sends them back to the shopping cart. 

    After a little investigation, it appears the issue is happening during the verifying of the SSL certificate that the issue is happening, as when we change this check to false, the checkout process completes without an issue. 

    When testing the SSL connection we get the following message:

    cURL Version: 7.62.0
    cURL SSL Version: OpenSSL/1.0.2k

    Default Setting: Failed
    TLS v1.2: Failed

    A connection to PayPal could not be made using TLS v1.2. Please consult with your hosting provider to upgrade the cURL version that is installed with your PHP web server to support TLS v1.2 connections.

    This must be performed by June 30, 2017 otherwise connections will continue to fail.

    We have spoken to our hosting company, requesting confirmation what versions of TLS, cURL and PHP but as yet have found nothing that would explain the sudden change. 

    Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Or have a little more knowledge on the paypal module that could suggest something that could cause this issue? 

    PHP version 7.1

    TLS capable of TLSv1.2 or higher connections

    Osc Version v2.3.4 

    PayPal App v5.018


    Thanks in advance