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  1. This thread has been moved to the appropriate forum.
  2. Try the You would have to convert your current template into html.
  3. Recheck that you actually uploaded includes/functions/easypopulate_functions.php Looks like you may not have uploaded that file.
  4. Try adding an image thumbnail contribution:;category=all
  5. After re-installing and searching through the forums I am stumped with an issue I am having with this contribution. I have installed it with no problem on a clean osCommerce site, but having trouble on the highly modified site I have running. A ) I am getting no errors messages. B ) I am getting a broken googlecheckout picture (icon) on both the login page and the shopping cart page. C ) HTML code reveals: src="MODULE_PAYMENT_GOOGLECHECKOUT_MODEbuttons/checkout.gif?merchant_id= MODULE_PAYMENT_GOOGLECHECKOUT_MERCHANTID&w=180&h=46&style=white&variant=text&loc=en_US"height="46" width="180"> For some reason MODULE_PAYMENT_GOOGLECHECKOUT_MODE and MODULE_PAYMENT_GOOGLECHECKOUT_MERCHANTID are not being pulled from the config table in the database. D ) Manually editing the gcheckout.php fixes the image but when the button is clicked it does not bring you to the google checkout site. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks so much. Andrew
  6. Greg, I have set the below code to true: $this->add('AM_USE_SORT_ORDER' , true); Changes are made in my product_info page but I still get the 1054 error.
  7. Hi Greg, Thanks for the reply. I still get 1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_sort_order' in 'order clause' After running that sql query. This was my original question, I may not have worded clearly. How would I go about fixing this 1054 error? Thanks
  8. I get 1054 - Unknown column 'products_options_sort_order' in 'order clause' What sql query needs to be executed to get this thing to work? I added this sql query ALTER TABLE products_attributes ADD products_options_sort_order int(6) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER price_prefix; ALTER TABLE products_options_values_to_products_options ADD products_options_values_sort_order int(6) NOT NULL default '0' AFTER products_options_values_id;
  9. Phocea, after adding v2.2 beta. Getting same error as mattw79 "I cannot get the sort field to work. When i click into a sort field [once] i get stuck in that field. I can change the value but not click out..." I have added the proper sql query and made the proper modifications. This error occurs in IE, actually even after getting the values in (had to left click right click) it won't update (using IE). Everything works ok in firefox. Any suggestions?
  10. "Bumping postings to the top of the forum channel listing, made to get more attention to the post, will not be tolerated. " David, Please don't bump this thread to the top of the forum!
  11. Found the solution: there is a conflict with Product Attributes/Item Editor/Price v. 1 I uninstalled that contribution and the problem was fixed!
  12. Hi Nimmit, Having the same issues as Vince O'Connor and melina. Any way to address this issue? I cannot update a product without loosing all the attributes added via AJAX attribute manager. When I don't press update the attributes work just fine. Thanks, Andrew
  13. Need help installing contributions? Check your PM.
  14. Steve, For your Login Page a la Amazon contribution is there any way to do this: On the login screen make the radio box default to "No, I'm a new customer". Then, if someone types anything in the e-mail addr field, change the radio button to "Yes, I'm..." automatically? Thank, Andrew
  15. I am also having the "drop downs are blank" problem with the product options. Any suggestions?