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    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Great contrib, a couple of issues though: The prices shown while creating / updating an order are pre-Tax, even though we have tax applied to website prices. It is standard practice (for us) to give totals, not ex-VAT / un-taxed amounts so this could be an issue when describing orders direct. Is it an idea to update the files to respect OsC Tax settings, or better yet show both? Secondly, on the latest version of OsC BS I found admin/cs_agents.php wasn't fully hard coded and so didn't work without the version compatibility addons for Bootstrap, and the extra line inserted of: "require('includes/filenames.php'); " As security considerations, would be a good idea to instruct for updating sitemaps and robots.txt files? And maybe even to set the customer_service.php file and relevant cs_ files and .htpasswd_customer_service files etc into a separate directory? This may help immensly with IP-traps and the like, as well as robots and sitemaps. Great addon, love the simplicity. When we first use it in the wild will be sure to donate - thank you.