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  1. Version 2.3.4 We have a charity website with clubs throughout the UK and a few worldwide. I am looking for a supplier add-on with the following functionality (if there is one). When customer makes order, it prompts then to select a club they attend or is close to them from a drop-down list. Once they have selected the club and checked out, an email goes to the supplier for that club to complete the order. Does anyone know if there is something out at the moment, I have looked at a few but not got much faith in them as the dates are from a couple of years ago.
  2. Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    I run a website for a friend and want the customer to pick which area of the UK they are in, then when they purchase an email is sent to the supplier of the product for that area automatically. Will this add-on do this, I know I will have to add a some code so the customer can choose which area they are in. Version 2.3.4 Thanks
  3. Version - 2.3.4 We have just come across a problem when trying to replace a product image it is not replacing it and we get no error message. We can upload/delete extra images for the products it is just the main image which is not been able to be updated. image location has correct read/write permissions