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  1. sinopia

    Products attributes price individually

    I've fixed it, I misread a line.
  2. sinopia

    Products attributes price individually

    osCommerce outputs like this: <tr> <td style="border-bottom: 1px #CCC dashed;" colspan="2" class="inmain" style="padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px"> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td>s_conjunto:</td> <td align="right"><select name="id[22]"><option value="189">s_conjunto_hoodie</option><option value="188">s_conjunto_sweatshirt</option><option value="187">s_conjunto_tshirt</option><option value="193">s_conjunto_tshirt_mulher</option></select></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- $(function() { $('#s_conjunto2_hoodiexx').css('display', 'inline-block'); }); //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- $(function() { $('#s_conjunto2_sweatshirtxx').css('display', 'inline-block'); }); //--> </script> Couldn't this be like: <option value="187" data-price="13"> ?
  3. Hi, I've been searching but didn't find anything like this. I was trying to output a specific attribute price in product_info page. For example: SELECT products_id, options_id, options_values_id, options_values_price, price_prefix FROM products_attributes WHERE products_id = '2886' Array ( [products_id] => 2886 [options_id] => 23 [options_values_id] => 194 [options_values_price] => 12.4583 [price_prefix] => + ) I just wanted a easily code without doing new mysql query, something like $product_attribute_price['23']['194'] // 13€ and $product_attribute_price['23']['195'] // 20€. The normal function of osCommerce show the select with options with price but I was looking with a specific options_id and options_values_id Best regards.
  4. Also I've one main category.. subcategories also selected didn't work.. I've been trying everything but can't work. Any discount normal for one customer or for all working fine.
  5. Hello @raiwa yes I'm using Discount Code BS 4.4.0, but my osCommerce stills 2.3.4 (Don't know if that can be related - but it's almost up to date as https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce because I've made a few core modifications...). The discounts works fine just can get the "Number of products" working.. I tried like 1 product but 3 quantity but also 3 different products from categories but didn't work. Check the attachments
  6. Can't fix it, in the version I had I set the javascript at checkout_payment manually and not at header_tags, the discount code works normally but I get this error at console: Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined $.post("discount_code.php", {discount_code: $("#discount_code").val()}, function (data) { But even with the old one it check correct the discount code but should apply for 3 products as I've set it on admin/discount_codes.php I've been reading everything but nothing is solving my problem.
  7. Hello @raiwa thank you for your answer. I did selected all products and even categories (I don't use manufacturers). The coupon "EXAMPLE3" works always if I have 1 product or 3 products for example, shouldn't it only be valid if 3 products or more are in the cart? About the attributes I think that a good idea and also some shops are using that way... Thank you, I'll check about the excluded specials problem, that can be my issue.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm having some issues to define some coupons for number of products. For examples: Coupon: EXAMPLE 1 -> 10% discount -> 1 product Coupon: EXAMPLE2 -> 20% discount -> 2 products Coupon: EXAMPLE3 -> 30% discount -> 3 products It's possible to use with "number of products to apply the discount" for all users and all products just defining like the example I gave? I tried everyting but it doesn't work.. Any help would be awesome. By the way, is there any change to anyone add a coupon only for a certain attribute?
  9. sinopia

    Custom Product Builder of OSc BS

    Anyone has a demo or prints to see how this works?
  10. sinopia

    Group products in product_info.php

    Hi @14steve14, I've found one that I'll try to merge into product_info.php but requires a lot of modifications: Trying to create a new product and in administration panel will relate it with for example 2 that already exists. It'll show as a normal product but with two inside it. With their respective attributes and prices as in the image on attachments. But the issue is that probably I just can buy one per one.. Don't know how really could group them into one... Unless I disable the buy now button and use my custom attributes with the inputs of those products...
  11. sinopia

    Group products in product_info.php

    I've found this from Prestashop. Think this as what I'm talking about. Imagine the components like processor, memory, etc is another products that are being selling separated. In case some products have more that 1 attribute it'll show separate (ex: you can choice memory of disk but also if you want HDD or SSD for example..)
  12. sinopia

    Group products in product_info.php

    I was thing a easy way.. When buying one it'll sent using ajax and a popup will appear asking if they want the other product.. But doesn't seems correct. Other is create one product and to use like Option Type with some inputs/dropdowns and it'll save the record into database and then I set as a attribute in database. Perhaps as there is a lot of different attributes and basically I've to create also a lot of them.. I think best way is to group them. Any advice?
  13. Hello, I've been searching but didn't find anything, also I do have some questions what's the best to do this.. In my store I'm selling products separated but some could be sold together. Kinda of related products but it shows 2 forms of the product with attributes (which I use a lot). I can be selling a laptop separate or which another product for example a mouse and pad. All of them if attributes for all products (ex: processor of laptop and color of pad). Or for example a T-Shirt for boyfriend and another for girlfriend (color and size for each one). I guess I could simply create one product with a lot of attributes but there should be a easy way. I create a new product with name, images, description and it will get the products I choiced with already their respective attributes, and they will show on product_info.php together. If someone is willing to help me I could easily (if successed) to create a addon for everyone.
  14. sinopia

    PayPal Installation to OSC v2.3.4 Problems

    Are you using lastest PayPal app?
  15. sinopia

    Free shipping with other options

    I mean.. $order->info['shipping_method'] - which contain a string with description of shipping module; $shipping['id'] - contains a string "spu_spu" for Store Pickup, "flat_flat" for Flat Rate shipping. well $order->info['shipping_method'] works but show the description, I found to use $shipping['id'] - needed to add global $shipping: function confirmation() { global $cartID, $cart_PayPal_Standard_ID, $customer_id, $languages_id, $order, $order_total_modules, $shipping; But it works fine.