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  1. Schwemmer

    New installation not working

    ok, thanks, i will install other version
  2. Schwemmer

    New installation not working

    i have many osc installations working there very well for years before that new one was installed
  3. Schwemmer

    New installation not working

    Freezes if i browse on frontend only too
  4. Schwemmer

    New installation not working

    1. BS3,BS4 means? 2. I deleted, downloaded again and installed again to try if it works then 3. ...index.php' not found or unable to stat AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/www/renting/images/index.html 4. PHP 5.6
  5. Schwemmer

    New installation not working

    I installed new version several times Seems to work properly After deleting some demo categories and demo products, the site became inaccessible from my PC for some time, moreover, my whole domain became inaccessible. (Timeout error, the server needs too long to answer). From other PCs thedomain is still accessible Some time later site is displayed again, unlees a link is clicked there, then freezes again. Service provider does not find anything, apache is running.
  6. Never change a running system Change a running system only if: 1. you are sure changed system will run much better 2. running systems does not run anymore as wanted 3. you are sure not want to change it only for fun