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    CyberSource - Payment Module

    If you haven't gotten your answer yet, I found this on ZenCart which is kind of the cousin of oscommerce. Anyway -- check it out. http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-36986.html Open up HOP.php On (or around) line 32, AFTER function cybs_sha1($in) { enter this return pack ("H*", sha1($in));
  2. Fanny

    Verisign Issues

    In my version, which i don't know which "version" i have of this verisign payflowlink contribution but the URL lies in the english file, for those of you with the same version: /includes/languages/english/modules/payment/cc_via_verisign.php On Line 13: Change: define('MODULE_PAYMENT_VERISIGN_URL','https://payflowlink.verisign.com/payflowlink.cfm'); To: define('MODULE_PAYMENT_VERISIGN_URL','https://cf.payflowlink.verisign.com/payflowlink.cfm'); Again this is only a TEMPORARY fix for those of you that missed that.
  3. Fanny

    Verisign Issues

    Is anyone having trouble with Verisign PayflowLink. Here's what's going on. oscommerce submits to verisigns Payflowlink page and then it comes back to oscommerce but none of the data is getting stored in oscommerce. They are being charged (for which product i do not know) because my report from versign is correct, but as far as the information getting stored into oscommerce, it's just not happening. It JUST started happening like, 3 hours ago. I have no idea what's going on. Can anyone shed some light on this?