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    No payment options - Braintree

    Prior to installing the Braintree app, i had configured the Braintree payment module that was included in 2.3.4 release but nothing would show during checkout. You would click on the shopping, log into the store, click checkout and it would bring up the Delivery page (step 1 of checkout), click Continue and it takes you back to checkout. Then I installed the Braintree payment app on top off the 2.3.4 Responsive version of oscommerce, configured it via the admin tool to point to my sandbox account at Braintree. When i installed the Braintree app i did not first remove the Braintree payment module. This caused a 500 Internal Server error when you clicked on the Shopping Cart. I removed the braintree payment option and now I'm back to not getting any payment options. I have tried disabling the Braintree app and adding the Cash on Delivery option payment module but the app behaves the same. So i have messed something up and I'm not sure how to debug what's wrong. Besides removing everything and starting over again is there a way to debug the app and fix what's wrong? Brad